Can You Use Any Wifi Adapter for Samsung TV?

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Now-a-days more and more Samsung TVs are released with smart capabilities preinstalled. Still, if you want to effectively turn one that doesn’t have smart capabilities into a smart TV how can you do it? Can you use any wifi adapter for a Samsung TV? 

While it is technically possible to adjust the VID and PID on any usb wifi adapter to make it work on a Samsung TV, it requires a great degree of technical knowledge. It’s best to use a wifi adapter specifically built for Samsung TVs, or to go with an alternative option like a streaming stick or box. 

If you would like to bring smart capabilities to your Samsung TV, you’ve come to the right place. In the following sections we will explain why it’s best to use a wifi adapter specifically built for Samsung products, as well as alternatives to adapters all together. By the end you will be ready to get your TV hooked up to the internet in the way that’s most convenient for you!

What Wifi Adapters Work With Samsung TVs

The best wifi adapter to use with a Samsung TV is the Samsung WIS09ABGN USB adapter. This adapter should be compatible with your TV and it will give it the connectivity you’re looking for. 

What About Using Non Samsung Adapters? 

It is possible to use non Samsung adapters with a Samsung TV, but it requires a decent amount of technical knowledge that makes it impractical for most people. You have to understand how the chipsets work in these adapters, then you have to go in and reprogram the VID (vendor ID) and the PID (product ID) so that it essentially appears to be from Samsung.  

Instead of doing that it would be more practical to look at the other options you have available for turning your TV into a Smart TV. There are many devices on the market that are cheaper than the wifi adapter that works with Samsung TVs but have comparable abilities. 

What Device Turns Your TV Into a Smart TV 

Using a usb wifi adapter isn’t the only way you can give your Samsung TV smart capabilities. There are also a number of devices that will provide you with Smart Services.

The devices below are great options for giving your Samsung TV smart capabilities: 

  • Streaming sticks: Streaming sticks such as Roku or Chromecast plug into your HDMI port and provide you with their own set of smart services. These devices are perhaps the easiest way to get smart capabilities on a TV without them built in. 
  • Streaming boxes: If you want the simplicity of a streaming stick, with more power you can check out streaming boxes. The most popular of these tend to be Roku streaming boxes and Apple TV. They connect directly into your wifi but have a more powerful processor than their stick counterparts. 

Streaming sticks tend to be cheaper and slightly easier to set up than streaming boxes. Still, they also tend to have less extra features as well. These features can vary widely across brands and models, so make sure you double check what the one you’d like to use has. 

Which Specific Streaming Product Should You Choose? 

Below we’ve broken down some of your best options for streaming sticks/boxes based on price, compatibility and overall quality: 

  • Best price: When it comes to price to quality ratio, you’re not really going to beat Roku or Chromecast streaming sticks. These little devices can go for under $30, but they will still bring you a full range of apps and streaming services as well as voice commands. If you’re on a budget, Roku is a great way to pay less but still ensure you’re getting quality.  
  • Best for compatibility: If you have an iPhone and you want to be able to cast videos you’ve bought from Apple on your TV, you may want to think about compatibility. This may lean you more in the direction of an Apple TV over something like a chromecast. Of course it would be the opposite if you don’t use Apple products. 
  • Best overall: The Roku Ultra 2020 really combines all of the best features of streaming boxes into one place at a much more reasonable price than Apple TV. It’s compatible with other brand’s devices like the Alexa and it has a slew of features ranging from 4k video to Bluetooth streaming. 

Any one of the streaming devices we mentioned above will do a great job. The one you should buy really depends on the amount of weight you put on price, convenience and quality as well as its compatibility with other devices you have. 

So Really, Can You Use Any Wifi Adapter for Samsung TVs?

It’s best to use Samsung brand wifi adapters with your Samsung TV, if that’s the path you want to go down. 

Still, you can bypass needing an adapter all together by using a streaming stick or a streaming box. These will allow you to connect to the internet and download apps through their interface instead of the TV. 

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