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Can You Use An Element TV Without Internet?

Last Updated Mar 23, 2022

One of the biggest advantages of having a smart TV like an Element TV is that you can use your TV’s wireless Internet connection to download apps, watch streaming services, and complete other digital tasks. However, you might wonder if a smart TV becomes an oversized paperweight if you don’t have Internet access. 

An Element TV can be used as a standard television without Internet for running third-party devices or watching TV channels on a cable box. Streaming video services and software applications can’t be used without hooking the Element TV to a wireless Internet connection. 

You can use an Element TV without an Internet connection. You can even access streaming services if you have a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. Read on to learn more about how Element TVs use wireless Internet to work and how to use one without it. 

Using an Element TV Without Internet

While you do lose access to many of the features of an Element smart TV when it isn’t connected to the Internet, it’s still possible to use the TV without one. 

The Element TV still operates as a basic visual monitor. You can do different things that a non-smart TV would do, such as using it for cable, playing video games, watching DVDs and BluRays, and many other things. 

Without the Internet, you can still use your Element TV to do the following: 

  • Watch cable. Even though you can’t use streaming cable services or apps without an Internet connection, your Element TV can still be used to broadcast cable from a cable box or cable antenna. You can also use your TV to broadcast a streaming video from your smartphone or tablet. 
  • Hook up speakers. The audio hookups on the Element TV operate independently from the Internet, so you can still use your Element TV to broadcast music or podcasts from your smart device by using the smart device’s Internet service. 
  • Play video games. Some video games may require a wireless Internet connection, such as multiplayer online games, but many video games can be played offline. You can use the Element TV with a gaming console, such as a Playstation 4, to display the game on its screen.
  • Watch DVD videos. Most people watch the majority of their movies and TV on streaming services these days, but DVD players are still useful in circumstances where you don’t have a steady Internet connection.

In many cases, you can do the same things on an Element TV without Internet access that you could do with it. The biggest issue is not having access to streaming services, but even that problem can be fixed by using the Element TV to broadcast another smart device. 

Why Use an Element TV Without Internet? 

It’s possible to use an Element TV without an Internet connection, but why would you want to? There are several reasons why you might want to be able to use your Element TV even if you don’t have Internet access. Here are just a few of them: 

  • Travel: You can use Element TVs as portable monitors for travel vehicles like RVs. Even if you’re staying somewhere without a wireless hookup, you’ll still be able to use the TV to play movies or video games. 
  • Remote geography: Not everybody lives in a place where they get consistent access to wireless Internet, especially in rural areas or mountainous terrain. 
  • Service interruptions: Service interruptions like storms or Internet networks that are down for routine maintenance don’t have to prevent you from getting to use your TV. You’ll still have access to basic features even if your Internet goes down temporarily.

There’s no doubt that you will have a hard time using the Element TV as intended if you aren’t online to access its smart features. Now that you know what features you’ll still have on your Element TV without the Internet, it’s time to learn about the ones you won’t. 

What Features are Lost on an Element TV With No Internet? 

The biggest downside to using an Element TV with no Internet is losing access to wireless services. These smart TV features include the following:

  • Internet browser: A smart TV like the Element can be used to browse the Internet just like a smartphone or tablet. But with no Internet connection, this feature will be disabled until the connection is restored. 
  • Social networking: Smart TVs allow you to access your social media feeds to post screenshots and status updates, but they need an Internet connection to work. 
  • Software updates: Smart TVs are a combination of computer and television, and this requires them to get semi-regular firmware updates through the wireless network. If you don’t have access to the Internet for your Element TV, it’s still a good idea to provide a wireless hookup through a third-party smart device to push these improvements. 
  • Applications and games: Smart TVs like Elements offer many streaming services, from streaming cable like Netflix and Hulu to games. All of these features are dependent on the Internet so that you can use them. 
  • Streaming cable services: While you can still broadcast a streaming TV show from your smart device to your Element TV as long as you have one, a lack of Internet connection in the TV will prevent you from establishing a native connection with streaming services and without a third-party device like a smartphone. 

It might seem like you do lose a lot of feature accessibility when you shut your smart TV off from the Internet, and it’s true. But if you have a smartphone or tablet, you can get around the Internet issue by using your smart device’s wireless data instead. 

Element TVs Will Partially Work Without Internet

Even without Internet access, features like broadcast and screen mirroring allow you to access your favorite smart apps as long as you have some other smart device with a wireless connection. Without that, the Element smart TV becomes nothing more than a glorified flatscreen TV.

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