Can You Use Alexa in a Dorm?

Messy dorm roomMessy dorm room

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Amazon’s Alexa could lend a helping hand in your dorm room to assist with multiple tasks. You would no longer have to worry about mundane things when your school life gets too hectic.

Can you use Alexa in a dorm? Yes, you can use Alexa in your dorm. However, depending on how your school’s wi-fi systems are set up, you may not be able to hook up your Alexa device. You may need to purchase your own router and plug it into your Ethernet wall outlet to create your own wi-fi for your Alexa to use.

School can sometimes be tiresome, but at least you can take a few burdens off of your shoulders. There is a process to getting your Alexa set up in your dorm.

Bringing Alexa to the Dorm

If you are able to bring in your Alexa device, it does more than just answer random questions. Amazon’s Alexa has a slew of commands that will help students be more prepared for in their everyday life. For a student, you are able to:

  • Order take-out for late study nights
  • Listen to music and audiobooks
  • Study for tests with different skills on your Alexa device
  • Reorder any supplies that you need

Now, if you have dormmates, your Alexa-enabled device could be used by them. Should you want to keep your device private you can:

  • Setup a purchase passcode
  • Input a special wake word to activate your Alexa
  • Make the voice recognition system recognize your voice only

Doing any of the above will stop your dormmates from using your device at any moment. They will not have access to your Amazon account or be able to look up anything online.

Voice purchasing is a feature you can use on your Alexa-enabled device to stop others from ordering things. This feature may not work on third-party skills, but it is recommended that you use this feature immediately. Voice purchasing can be found through your Alexa settings under “Alexa Account”.

You can also view the history of your Alexa device and you are able to check out who may have been trying to use your device. There is also the ability to listen to the audio recordings of your dormmate’s attempt at using it.

IT Policy

Most schools use a peer-to-peer (P2P) network or a limited network for their wi-fi. There may also be violations from your school prohibiting an outside router. So, be sure to check in with your school’s IT policies.

Your school’s IT department may allow you to connect your device by adding the wireless MAC address from your Alexa device to their network.

Assuming that the school lets you connect your Alexa device, there are a few ways to hook up your device.

Connecting Alexa to Your Dorm Wi-Fi

There are a couple of ways to add your Alexa to your dorm life. These setups may be challenging but they are doable. The setups include:

  1. Connectify Hotspot
  2. Router or Wi-Fi Extender
  3. School Wi-Fi

1. Connectify Hotspot

Using Connectify allows you to turn your PC or MAC in a hotspot. The only setback with this setup is that your computer must be on at all times for your Alexa to work. This lets your computer act as a router that your Alexa device will always recognize.

When you are setting up your Alexa, be sure to choose the Connectify hotspot and not the school network. You are also able to connect other devices besides your Alexa device when you need to.

Connectify has the following features:

  • There are 9 languages and different emojis to choose from.
  • Ad blocks on all your devices that are connected to the hotspot.
  • If you have a 3G or 4G adapter, you can connect it by using the PRO or MAX editions of Connectify. This allows you to have a continuous Internet connection all the time.
  • With the MAX edition, you can extend the range of your hotspot.

2. Router or Wi-Fi Extender

You will need an Ethernet cable for this setup. Check to see if your room has an Ethernet jack to hook up your router.

Using a wi-fi extender will bring you the same results and push your signal further to encompass all of your devices.

3. School Wi-Fi

Your school’s network may allow for a student’s device to connect to it. You will still need the MAC address of your school’s network to attach your device to it.

There may be some setups where you have to go through the Alexa app to manually connect your device to the network through the app’s wi-fi settings.

In the Alexa app, your school’s wi-fi network should show up and you are able to select the Connect button. Once, you have connected your device, you should get confirmation that you are now able to use your Alexa device.

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