Can You Use A Westinghouse Smart TV Without Internet?

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Westinghouse Smart TVs bring a plethora of modern features to your living room, including multiple ways to watch your favorite movies and shows. For many though, there is concern that a Smart TV simply isn’t worth it if you don’t have access to the internet.

The good news is that Westinghouse Smart TVs can be used without access to the internet. You can watch cable, view downloaded media, and use a DVD player, among other activities. The main caveat is that all streaming services will be inaccessible.

If a slow or unreliable Wi-Fi connection is bringing you down, then you’ll be happy to know that there are several quick fixes for improving your connection. You might consider investing in a device that can boost your Wi-Fi range, as is described in further detail below.

What Can You Do On A Westinghouse Smart TV Without Internet?

Even if you don’t have a reliable connection to the internet, there are still many things that you can do on your Westinghouse TV, especially if you have access to a cable box, satellite dish, or antenna TV.

What You Can’t Do:

  • Use web browsers
  • Watch TV through streaming services
  • Stream music through apps
  • Screen mirroring on devices that have this feature
  • Use cloud-based voice services, such as Alexa

What You Can Do:

  • Play gaming consoles offline
  • Watch TV through cable, satellite, or antenna
  • Use Blu-ray media players
  • Play local media from a USB drive

How To Use A Westinghouse TV Without Internet

Below you’ll find some advice on how to enjoy many of the best features of your Westinghouse Smart TV without access to a Wi-Fi connection. You can buy a DVD player, download local media onto a storage device, or find an alternate route to a more reliable internet connection.

Use A Blu-Ray DVD Player

Yes, DVD players are still being made. They give you plenty of flexibility when it comes to being able to play your favorite movies and shows when you don’t have access to the internet. Better yet, today’s Smart TVs offer improved picture quality over the television sets of yesteryear.

Popular DVD players on the market include modernized selections such as the Sony BDP-BX370, which offers image quality up to 1080HD. The LG BP175 offers the same and comes with a 6-foot HDMI cable. Both are affordable options for those without access to reliable internet.

Ethernet Ports On Campus

Ethernet is a reliable network source that college students, hotel guests, and corporate staff can typically tap into. Even if the Wi-Fi signal on campus isn’t strong enough, Westinghouse Smart TVs come with an Ethernet port built-in. All you need to do is hunt down an Ethernet cable, like the one found here.

Connect To A DLNA Media Server Or USB Device

You can play local media from a network or USB storage device, such as the waterproof memory stick found here.  So even if you can’t connect to Wi-Fi wherever you are, you can still watch home videos and view photos that you’ve downloaded onto your storage device.

Why Is My Westinghouse TV Not Connecting To The Internet?

If your Westinghouse Smart TV is not connecting to the Wi-Fi, there may be a simple solution. Connectivity issues can commonly be traced to router and modem location issues.

There are several possible reasons why your Wi-Fi connection failing:

  • TV is too far from the router: Check the signal strength of your Wi-Fi connection.
  • You entered the wrong password when you were trying to connect to your network.
  • Interference/Wi-Fi channel problems are occurring.

You may be able to resolve these issues by simply turning off and rebooting the TV and/or modem and router. If this doesn’t work, you may need to invest in a Wi-Fi extender, booster or repeater, or a router that’ll produce a better signal.

Resolve Your Wi-Fi Connection Issues With A Booster

A Wi-Fi booster, repeater, or extender is a device that expands the range of your router. If your TV isn’t very close to your modem and router, or if you don’t get a very good signal, then an extender may end up being a lifesaver.

The first step to determining the need for a Wi-Fi booster is to run a speed test on a website like this one. The FCC recommends at least 25 Mpbs for streaming ultra HD 4K television and 5-8 Mpbs for Standard HD TV.

If your internet speeds are not netting the above benchmarks, then you might consider:

  • Upgrading your router and modem through your internet provider.
  • Moving your router and modem to a more favorable location.
  • Purchasing an affordable Wi-Fi booster, such as the Loom Signal Booster or the Webjd Long Range Booster.

Final Thoughts

You can still access many entertainment features on a Westinghouse Smart TV without a Wi-Fi connection. You can watch cable, satellite, or antenna TV. You can also play video games offline or play local media from a storage device. If it’s a stronger Wi-Fi connection that you are after, now might be a good time to consider the benefits of a Wi-Fi extender or booster, as is described in the sections above.

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