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Can You Use a Universal Remote on a Roku Ultra?

Last Updated Jul 5, 2022
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In our lives today, technology controls almost everything. Because of this, most people do not want to use a separate remote for every television in their homes. Universal remotes can be a saving grace for this reason, but some people wonder if you can use a universal remote on something like a Roku Ultra.

Some universal remotes work with the Roku Ultra, but not all models will. Certain universal remotes give you better functionality than others, but generally, you will not be able to pair all features of a Roku Ultra to a universal remote. 

There are a few different universal remotes that pair well with the Roku Ultra. Below, we will look at some of these and discuss the functionality you can expect. Keep reading to learn more. 

Can You Use a Universal Remote on a Roku Ultra? 

It is possible to pair a universal remote with your Roku Ultra, but not all of them will work at the same level. To find out which universal remotes will work with your Roku Ultra, look on the Roku website for a full list of compatible remotes.

What Type of Button Support Can You Expect? 

Different types of universal remotes offer different functionality and button support for your Roku Ultra device. Generally, however, there are two levels of button support you can expect from your new universal remote: 

  • Basic. With basic button support, you will only be able to control the basic settings of your Roku Ultra. All the most important buttons, including power, volume, and program select will be functional here.
  • Expanded. A universal remote with expanded button support will allow you to use significantly more features on your Roku Ultra. You can use everything you can with basic button support, plus much more. For example, the home, replay, scan, play or pause, and more buttons will all be supported. 

There are a select few universal remotes that will allow you to use all the remote features on the Roku Ultra. However, this only applies to top-of-the-line options. 

What Are the Best Universal Remotes to Use with Roku Ultra? 

Many universal remotes will work with your Roku Ultra, at least to a certain extent. Some of the best universal remotes to consider include:

  • The Roku Voice Remote Pro
  • The Philips Universal Remote
  • GE Universal Remote Control
  • The Replacement Roku Remote
  • The Logitech Harmony Companion

In addition to all of these models, you can also download an app on your smartphone and use that to control your Roku Ultra.

The Roku Voice Remote Pro

The Roku Voice Remote Pro is one of the best choices because it’s designed specifically for Roku devices. You can control a lot of buttons with the Roku Voice Remote Pro, including the TV power and volume. You can even use it to navigate to different channels! 

Perhaps the best thing about this remote is that it can be used hands-free through voice controls. It’s also rechargeable, which means no batteries are required. This remote offers expanded button support because it’s made specifically for Roku products. It will work for all the basic features you could need, as well as voice controls and advanced features. 

The Phillips Universal Remote

The Philips Universal Remote is supported by many major brands and devices, including the Roku Ultra. It comes in different colors and works well with your Roku Ultra, as well as televisions and sound systems. While this remote is an excellent choice, you should only expect very basic button support.

GE Universal Remote Control 

The GE Universal Remote Control works with many different devices and can pair with up to four devices at once. It will allow you to control your Roku Ultra and other devices alongside it. However, it does only offer basic button support.

As a bonus, this remote features a backlight. This allows you to see the buttons even if the room is completely dark. 

The Replacement Roku Remote

This replacement for the original Roku remote works well with all Roku devices. It has many shortcut keys, which allow you to quickly access different streaming devices. 

This is a very standard remote that doesn’t have a lot of fancy features, but it’s affordable and will allow you to use most of the buttons you need. Even though it’s made for Roku, this remote will only give you basic button support. There are no advanced features like voice control available.

The Logitech Harmony Companion

The Logitech Harmony Companion has all the fancy bells and whistles and can control all the devices in your home. This remote is compatible with over 270,000 devices, so chances are, your Roku Ultra will have no problem with it. It is a great remote for a wide range of devices and will work with many features of your Roku Ultra, but you will need to use the Roku remote to program it first. 

Your Smartphone 

Your phone can also work as a universal remote with the correct application, such as UniMote Universal Smart TV Remote Control or the Remote Control for Roku TV. It might not do everything that some universal remotes can do, but you can use the basic features of the Roku Ultra without taking a trip to the electronics store. 

Using a Universal Remote with Your Roku Ultra 

Not all universal remotes are compatible with Roku Ultra, but quite a few will pair well with the device. The features may not all work flawlessly, but you can still access most of what you need with the right remote.

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