Can You Use A TCL TV Without Internet?

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A TCL TV has a lot of great features that make it one of the cutting-edge pieces of technology you can purchase for your home today. But if you do not have internet, how well does the TCL TV work?

A TCL TV will work without the internet. However, if using a TCL TV without internet a lot of the cool features, like streaming for different apps, is lost because there is no internet connection.  Using a TCL TV without internet reduces the features of the TV to being quite like a normal flat screen.

In this post we will cover if you can use your TCL TV without internet. And keep reading to learn about the features you miss out on when not using the internet for the TCL TV.

A TCL TV Can Be Used Without the Internet

You can use your TCL TV without any internet connection. This is perfect because it works just like any other TV when you do not have access to the internet. Your TCL TV can be connected to the internet if you have it available, but it does not require the internet to work.

The following are the features you can use on your TCL TV without internet:

  • Cable – If you have a cable box connected to your TCL TV, you should have no issue playing regular TV shows.
  • Screen mirroring – If you own a smart device, you can choose to screen mirror that device to your TCL TV. This can be done through the settings menu on most devices.
  • DVD or Blu-ray player – Connect your DVD or Blu-ray player to your TCL TV to play DVDs and Blu-rays on your TV for that movie experience.
  • Any gaming device – Most gaming devices do not require internet to play their games. The exception is to play their online content which requires the internet. You are not losing the basic functionality of the device, just access to premier content.
  • Connecting devices via an HDMI cord – Many different devices can be connected to your TCL TV via an HDMI cord. This includes your laptop or a soundbar. Both devices can be connected to your TCL TV to improve your TV watching experience.

Because your TCL TV functions like a regular TV when you do not have an internet connection, you can do all the things you could with an older model TV.

You can watch cable if your cable box also does not require internet. You can screen mirror from your phone or laptop to the TCL TV. You can also watch movies on a DVD or Blu-ray player. All these TCL TV features do not require internet access.

To note, some gaming devices still require internet access to get the full functionality of the device. In this case, you can say the same about the TCL TV.

What If You Don’t Have Internet for Your TCL TV?

There are quite a few things you miss out on when you do not have internet for your TCL TV. The main feature is that you can’t use apps on your TV. All the apps on a TCL TV require an internet connection to work.

The following is a list of features on a TCL TV that require you to have internet access:

  • Download content and apps
  • Stream content
  • Download program and TV updates

One of the biggest reasons people upgrade to a TCL TV is to have access to all of your streaming services and apps in one place. This way you can navigate between apps and play content with ease.

This is very nice because nowadays the TCL TVs generally only need one remote control to cover all the different aspects of watching. For example, you can play, pause and skip from the same remote control that turns the volume up and down.

Can You Still Watch TV on a TCL TV without Internet?

You can still watch regular cable TV on a TCL TV without internet if you have a cable box that does not require an internet connection.

Not having the internet does not disrupt the other features of a TCL TV. The functionality of your TCL TV remains, but it is not to its full capacity.

Should You Invest in the Internet for Your TCL TV?

You can invest in the internet if it will better your watching experience on a TCL TV. But buying internet in addition to your TCL TV is not a requirement. Oftentimes, most people have internet access today, so the cost is insignificant to start using their internet for streaming on a TCL TV.

Having the internet does increase the capabilities of your TCL TV and allow you to access all the apps you want.

In Summary

The TCL TV is designed to have a greater experience with internet connectivity, however the experience is the same as a regular TV without internet. Your TCL TV can be used to watch cable and connect other devices for an enriched experience.

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