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Can You Use A Samsung Soundbar With An Element TV?

Last Updated Apr 11, 2022
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Within the past decade, tech companies have made a clear effort to make their products accessible and useful to as many consumers as possible. One of the ways in which they have done this is to make their products compatible with those of other brands and not only their own. If you have an Element TV, you may be wondering: Can you use a Samsung soundbar with an Element TV?

You can absolutely use a Samsung soundbar with an Element TV! The only thing required for the two to be compatible is that both have ARC (Audio Return Channel) which is a fancy name for an HDMI connection. 

To find out what you will need to connect a Samsung soundbar with an Element TV, as well as how to do so, keep reading! We are going to go through each and every step so that you can start enjoying top quality sound from your Element TV in just a few minutes! 

How to Connect a Samsung Soundbar with an Element TV

Now that you know that you certainly can connect a Samsung soundbar with an Element TV, you probably want to know how to make it happen! 

As we have already learned, in order to use a Samsung soundbar with an Element TV, all you really need is an available HDMI port on your television and an HDMI cable. 

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You may notice that your Element TV has several HDMI ports as they are the most common connections between your technological devices, and it’s important to note that it does not matter which one you use to connect to your Samsung soundbar. 

Once you have the HDMI cable plugged into both devices, simply follow the directions below to pair them!

How to Pair a Samsung Soundbar with an Element TV

Connecting the two devices will not automatically make the Samsung soundbar the preferred speaker for your Element TV, but luckily, the steps to pair the two are incredibly simple!

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Before connecting the two, you must ensure that the soundbar input is set to HDMI. 
  • You can change the source input with the Samsung soundbar remote. 
  • From there, press the MENU button on your Element TV remote. 
  • Navigate to the TV SETTINGS section. 
  • Select the AUDIO option. 
  • Scroll down to the option that says RAW and change it to PCM under the DIGITAL OUTPUT SETTINGS. 

That’s all there is to it! Now, the audio from your Element TV should be playing from your Samsung soundbar!

Other Options For Connecting a Samsung Soundbar to an Element TV

While using an HDMI cable is certainly the easiest way to connect your Element TV to your Samsung soundbar, it’s not the only option. You can also use an optical cable or an aux cord.

With these two other variations, the process is almost identical, however, you will need to change the source input on your Samsung TV to reflect the connection you have chosen. 

Troubleshooting Your TV and Soundbar Connection

As you now know, you can absolutely use a Samsung soundbar with an Element TV, and by following the instructions above, it should be a fairly simple task. 

However, if for some reason you cannot get your Element TV’s audio to play through your Samsung soundbar, here are a few of the problems you may be encountering, and more importantly, how to fix each one. 

  • Cable Issues: The most likely problem is, fortunately, the easiest one to fix! It may just be that your cable is not connected properly to one or both of your devices. Ensure that the cord is securely attached to both ports.  
  • Incorrect Source Input: Your television or soundbar could just be set to the incorrect input source! Remember that each type of cord requires a different source, and of course, it is essential that when using an HDMI port, you connect the television to the correctly numbered port. 
  • Soundbar or Television Need Restarting: When in doubt, we recommend trying the tried and true tactic of simply restarting your devices. Unplugging and plugging back in both devices may just do the trick! 

If none of these basic fixes solve your issue, it may be time to call in the big guns and reach out to the support team of either brand, Element or Samsung

Let’s Recap

Can you use a Samsung soundbar with an Element TV? You certainly can! Having two different tech brands work together seamlessly used to be a distant dream, but the future is here and you can now enjoy the impressive Samsung sound with the affordable Element TV. And now you know that connecting these two devices should be painless and most importantly, you know how to do it yourself!