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Can You Use a Nebula Capsule Projector While Charging? 

Last Updated Jun 24, 2022
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A Nebula Capsule Projector is a useful audio-visual tool that allows you to project movies and other images onto any flat surface for viewing. However, you may not know whether or not the Nebula Capsule Projector is still usable while it is charging and plugged into a power source.

The good news for cinephiles is that a Nebula Capsule Projector still works while it’s being charged. By plugging it in during use, the Nebula Capsule Projector can be operated by relying on outlet power rather than draining its battery life. 

Depending on whether you use the Nebula Capsule Projector’s standard mode or battery mode, you may end up with a much different run time for your projector. Keep reading to learn more about the Nebula Capsule Projector’s power features and how to use it while charging. 

Does the Nebula Capsule Projector Work While Charging? 

If you want to use your Nebula Capsule Projector while charging, you’re in luck – this small soda-can-sized projector is capable of still operating while charging its battery. 

The biggest downsides to using the project while it is charging are twofold: The projector won’t accumulate as much of a stored charge as quickly as it would if it was charged without use, and the projector can’t be used in a freestanding position while being charged. It has to be plugged up first, and should be charged in an indoor environment.

How Does the Nebula Capsule Projector Work While Charging?

The Nebula Capsule Projector charges more quickly than it discharges power, so it should still be able to be used while it is charging the battery. However, using the projector during this time will cause the projector’s battery power to accumulate more slowly than it would if you charged it and left it alone. 

Power Issues in the Nebula Capsule Projector During Charging

If you run into issues running your Nebula Capsule Projector while it’s charging, it isn’t due to the projector’s inability to run and charge at the same time. Instead, you should look at other potential technical problems preventing the projector from playing or charging correctly. 

Here are a few things you should look at to ensure that the projector operates while it is being charged: 

  • Not plugged in: The Nebula Capsule Projector may be able to operate while charging, but it’ll need to be plugged into a power source to charge while it operates. If you try to use the projector without plugging it in and it has insufficient power, it will either shut down or refuse to start up.
  • Loose power cord: In many cases, the Nebula Capsule Projector won’t operate while charging because the power cord is loose. This can occur if the projector is plugged into a power strip with a loose connection.
  • Loose USB cord: Like a loose power cord, a loose connection at your Nebula Capsule Projector’s USB port will prevent the projector from charging properly, which will prevent it from operating while charging due to low battery power. 

If you run into problems operating your Nebula Capsule Projector while charging, the first thing you should look at is your power connections. In many cases, charging problems with the projector can be fixed by simply adjusting them. 

How Long Does It Take to Charge the Nebula Capsule Projector?

If the 30-watt charger that is sold with the Nebula Capsule Projector is used to charge it, the projector should be able to be fully charged within 1.5-2 hours. However, if you use a third-party wall charger with the projector, this charge time may be extended to 5-7 hours.

How Long Does the Nebula Capsule Projector Battery Last?

The battery life of the Nebula Capsule Projector depends entirely on which mode it is operated in. The projector comes with two basic modes: Standard Mode and Battery Mode. Standard mode is the default mode of the projector. In this mode, the projector will run out of power around 2.5 hours with optimal brightness and resolution. 

For longer run times on your Nebula Capsule Projector, you can switch to battery mode. Battery mode on the projector allows for an operational period of up to four hours. However, using battery mode also involves a lowered brightness and resolution to compensate for the lower power draw.

Nebula Capsule Projectors Are Powerful But Short-Lived

It’s a good thing the Nebula Capsule Projector can be used during charging, because chances are you’ll need to have this projector charging often to use it at its best audio-visual quality. 

Without a strong charge behind it, you’ll have to resort to using the Nebula Capsule at a dimmer setting than you would otherwise. Be sure to keep the Nebula Capsule charged up between uses to get the best possible picture quality.