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Can You Use a Keyboard with a Fire HD 10 Tablet?

Last Updated Mar 2, 2022
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Nobody wants to schlep their heavy laptop around with them everywhere they go, right? But, if you have to be able to work on the go, you need a keyboard, and clearly, your laptop is the only option here… or is it?! What about that Fire HD 10 tablet you use for streaming your favorite shows and reading, can it be used beyond just entertainment purposes? Can you use a keyboard with a Fire HD 10 tablet?

You can use a keyboard with the Fire HD 10 tablet. This keyboard is not included and needs to be bought separately from the tablet device. Using a keyboard with the tablet can make for easy typing and allows you to not have to bring your laptop or computer with you.

Traveling just got a little less stressful, knowing that you can indeed use a keyboard with a Fire HD 10 tablet. But how exactly do you make it happen? Stick around and keep reading. We’ll answer all of your questions about how to use a keyboard with a Fire HD 10 tablet.

Which Keyboards are Compatible with the Fire HD 10 Tablet?

When using a keyboard with the Fire HD 10 tablet, the keyboard is connected via Bluetooth. There are quite a few different Bluetooth-compatible keyboards that you can choose from to utilize with your device.

You can use any brand or type of keyboard as long as it has Bluetooth connection capability. Which keyboard you choose is completely up to what you are looking for. For example, if you are traveling and need a keyboard that lasts a long time, make sure to research ones that last up to 90 hours or so.

If looking for something stylish, purchase one in your favorite color or with changing colors. If using at nighttime or in a dark space like a plane, a nighttime light-up keyboard may be for you.

Keyboards are also made in different shapes and sizes. If you want something sturdy, then make sure you buy a keyboard that is the same exact size as the tablet. This will make your typing as close to a laptop as possible. You can also get a bigger or smaller size. It just depends on your use and what you are looking for.

Make sure that you give your new keyboard a test drive before you bring it with you anywhere to use as a laptop, especially if you’ll be away from your actual laptop. You want to make sure it’s comfortable to use. Doing this before you have to use your new keyboard for an extended period of time will help you get used to it gradually.

Here are some Fire HD 10 compatible keyboards:

How Do I Connect My Keyboard to My Tablet?

Now that you know what keyboard works for you, it is time to connect your keyboard to your tablet.

Connecting the keyboard to the device is simple and can be completed in the following few steps here:

  • Go to “settings” on your Fire HD 10 tablet.
  • Go to “Bluetooth” and create a new connection.
  • Read the directions that come with your keyboard for connection. The connection process is different for each brand.
  • Look for the Bluetooth button on Keyboard, hold down “Fn” and “C” or Bluetooth button to find and pair.

Make sure to read directions that come with your keyboard. Each device is different in how it should be set up but should be able to be completed in about a three-step process.

Disconnecting My Keyboard from My Fire HD 10 Tablet

To disconnect your keyboard, simply take your Fire HD 10 tablet off of the keyboard and disconnect the Bluetooth. To disconnect the Bluetooth, go to settings, Bluetooth, and disconnect or “forget” the keyboard device. Now your device can be used without the keyboard, and the touchscreen on the tablet can be utilized instead.

How to Store My Keyboard with Fire HD 10 Tablet

Ensure to store your Fire HD 10 tablet and the keyboard in a case or separate cases so that your products do not get damaged. You can purchase a separate case for each or a case made for both for easy storage.

If having any issues with the Bluetooth connection or your keyboard is not working with your device, reach out directly to the keyboard company you purchased from. If they are unable to help you, you can also reach out to Amazon support to troubleshoot and to help connect and disconnect your keyboard.

Final Thoughts

A keyboard can be very helpful when you have a Fire HD 10 tablet. With keyboard accessibility, you can easily type documents, emails, messages, etc. The possibilities are great, and it can be quicker and easier to type on a keyboard than it would be to type on the touch screen device.

This means you can even just purchase a tablet instead of choosing a laptop or computer at all. Many people work directly from their tablet with no need for another computer source. Tablets can be a great, affordable resource as laptops and desktops can be very expensive and bulky.

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