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Can You Turn On a Samsung TV Without a Remote?

Last Updated Jul 14, 2022
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Although the customer might be receiving one of the best TVs on the market, it does not mean that the remote control is never going to get lost or broken. Samsung is known for its continuous process of making new technology and services for its customers.  Although a lot of these services might seem unavailable without the remote.

You can turn on a Samsung TV without a remote by using an app on your smartphone called “SmartThings.” Samsung TVs come equipped with a secondary remote attached directly to the TV if the handheld controller is lost or needs a battery replacement.

Sometimes finding exactly where the TV remote is located can be difficult, as it varies depending on the model of the TV. The TV controller is typically located near the power indicator light, which is a red light that portrays that the TV is turned off but still receiving power. Keep reading to find out more.

Why A Remote Is Generally Necessary to Turn On Your TV

The TV remote is designed for the main functions of the TV. The set of buttons on your TV remote is used to turn the power on and off, turn the volume up and down and change inputs.  Most models also offer the ability to access the Menu, Settings, and Smart Hub features.  

It is generally necessary to turn on your TV using a remote because, especially nowadays when technology is advancing at rapid rates, TVs themselves can sometimes be manufactured without an on/off button or volume buttons.

But what if the TV remote seems to be nowhere to be found and you want to tune into your daily programs? 

Ways to Turn On Your TV Without a Remote

There are multiple solutions for turning on your Samsung TV when you seem to not be able to find your remote. They are listed below.

Find the Extra TV Remote

Samsung tells us that there is always an extra TV remote found in one of three places on the TV. It can be found on the back of the TV, the middle under the front panel, or on the side under the front panel. The placement of the TV remote relates to the model of the TV. 

Refer to the table to see which models have certain placement of the TV remote according to Samsung:

PlacementRemote Model Numbers
Back of the TV2019 and 2020 The Serif, 2018’s NU7100 and NU7103, 2017’s MU6100, MU6103, and MU6300, 2016’s KU6000, 2015’s J5500, J6200, JU6400, JU6600, JU7000, JU7500, JS7200, JS 8000, JS9000 and JS9500, and 2014’s H4000, H5000, H5500, H6300, H6400, H7000, H8000, HU7000, HU7200, HU8500, and HU9000
Middle Front PanelAll the frame models from 2017 to 2020. In addition, 2020’s TU8000, Q60T, Q70T, Q80T, and Q95T, 2019’s RU7100, RU8000, Q60R, Q75R, Q80R, and Q90R, 2018’s NU7400, Q7FN, Q8FN, and Q9FN, 2017’s MU9000, Q8C, Q7FA, and Q9FA, and 2016’s KS9000, and KS9005
Front Panel On the Side2020’s Q800T and Q950T, 2019’s N5300 and Q900R, 2018’s NU8000, NU8500, and Q6FN, 2017’s M5500, MU6400, MU6500, MU7000, MU8000, and Q6FA, 2016’s K5310, K5500, KU6500, KU7000, KU7500, KU7510, KS8000, and KS8005, and 2015’s J4100 and J5100

Now, let’s take a look at how to use your extra TV Controller.

TV Controllers Found On the Back Corner of the TV

Most TV controllers can be found on the back of the TV in the bottom right corner.  Each TV controller has a control stick that can be used to toggle horizontally or vertically.  The control menu appears on the screen as soon as you press the control stick once.  Holding the stick can be used to turn the TV on and off while pressing it one time selects an option. 

TV Controllers Located Under the Front Panel 

For the TVs with the controller located under the front panel, the layout varies. For the models with the remote located in the middle, it offers a five-button or single-button option.  For the five-button design, it will have a center button, a left and right button, and an up and down button.  

Similar to the previous design, one long press of the center button will turn the TV on and off while a single press will select an option.  The up and down buttons change the channel and the left and right buttons control the volume.  The center button will also display a control menu once pressed one time.  

The single-button model works similarly to the previous design as well.  A long press turns the TV on and off and a single press moves to different options on the control menu.

Use Samsung SmartThings

phone app

Of course, there is still an option for those who do not wish to use the TV remote.  Samsung offers the SmartThings app that can be downloaded on your mobile device.  This allows Samsung TV owners to use their mobile phones as a remote control for their TV. This app can be found on the Google Play or Apple App Store and downloaded for free.  

Purchase a Universal Remote

Users may also choose to buy a universal remote, which may not offer as many options as the original remote, but still gives an assortment of controls. Lastly, users may choose to just order a replacement remote from Samsung, which could take a while to get to the consumer, but gives you access to all original controls.


If you would like to learn more about remotes with Samsung TV, take a look at our article, “Are Samsung TV Remotes Universal? Do They All Work?”

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