Can You Take Notes On Kindle Oasis?


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When reading a book, it is often satisfying to take notes. This can be true for an academic book or a leisurely read. People from all walks of life regularly take notes on the plot, favorite quotes, and character development. Some readers switch to e-readers to cut back on paper and gain more space. These readers often ask, can you take notes on Kindle Oasis?

You can take notes on the Kindle Oasis. The Kindle Oasis has a touch option worked into the device that allows readers to touch a word, drag it over until the end of a sentence or phrase, and then choose to highlight, underline, or note the content. 

While it may seem simple to take notes with the Kindle Oasis, some might need clarification on the process. Additionally, note-taking isn’t the same for every Kindle e-reader model. Please continue reading for instructions on how to take notes with the Oasis (in detail) and how to take notes with other popular types of Amazon e-readers.

Note Taking with the Kindle Oasis

There is no doubt that the Kindle Oasis offers the possibility to take notes. One of the newest e-readers Amazon has released is this tablet. The tablet is fast and reads like a traditional book and one of the newer e-readers. To take notes on this tablet, you will need to highlight what you want to highlight, which will allow you to take notes.

To highlight a word on your screen and make notes, simply touch the word you wish to highlight and slide your finger across the word. The moment you remove your finger from the highlighted text, some options will appear, including sharing, adding a note, and highlighting. 

Kindle also offers a wonderful setting where you can see and compare notes with other readers, popular highlights.

How to Access Popular Notes

Occasionally, people like to see what other readers highlight when they read a book. This is helpful for book clubs, discussion boards, and authors who are reviewing their criteria. Amazon allows its Kindle readers to look at the most popular highlights on the platform for each individual book. You can view these highlights by following these easy steps:

  1. Go to Kindle settings.
  2. Switch on Popular Highlights
  3. Go to the book you are reading.
  4. The popular highlights will now be underlined with dots as you read
  5. You can view all popular highlights if you tap and hold a section selected as a popular highlight via a sidebar
  6. Add your own notes to this section by tapping a word and holding it down until the notes section appears

You will need your Kindle connected to WiFi to have your notes synced up and to get the most updated popular highlights.

The note-taking process is slightly different on the different Kindle versions available. Keep reading to learn how if you have a different model.

Note Taking on Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch

Two other types of e-readers that are very popular are the Kindle Touch and the Kindle Fire. As well as having different features, such as color and screen size, they come with a variety of features. As a result, they are often referred to as budget-friendly e-readers. In addition, these e-readers allow the user to take notes while reading as well. 

The following steps will help you begin taking notes:

  1. Tap and hold down the text. 
  2. Type the note.
  3. Before you begin writing, you will have to choose “Create Note” on the Kindle. 
  4. Notes will appear in the Kindle Fire menu directly, while other models will display the option “View Notes and Marks.”  

With these two e-readers, note-taking is similar to what can be done with the Oasis. However, there are not as many options available as there are with the Oasis. This is not a deal-breaker, but it may be one of the reasons why you decide to go with the Oasis rather than one of these models.

Note Taking in Kindle on the iPad

Some people use the Kindle app to read their books on an iPad. The iPad is an Apple product that is highly known for its sharp image quality, advanced features, and large screens. This product is great for e-reading because it has a night mode and color customization, and it allows you to read in book libraries beyond just Kindle. 

The Kindle app on the iPad can be used to take notes while reading a book by tapping on the text until a bubble appears. You may bring up the toolbar by tapping the highlighted area once the text has been highlighted. The onscreen keyboard will appear after tapping the pen and paper icon. From here, you can type your note using the onscreen keyboard.

Read, Write, Inspire

Reading is a wonderful way to learn new things. It is also a great way to get inspired to write your own piece of literature. Many authors read books and take notes for inspiration for future pieces. The Kind e-readers allow people to take notes, review them, and enjoy their books all at the same time.

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