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Can You Send And Receive Text Messages On The Samsung Watch 3?

Last Updated Jun 30, 2022
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Technology has made it so that we no longer need to rely solely on our phones to keep in touch with friends and family through text messaging or phone calls. It has evolved to allow users to take these tasks to their watches for hands-free, convenient access. If you are a new user of a Samsung Watch 3, you may be wondering can you send and receive text messages on it?

You can send and receive text messages on the Samsung Watch 3. It has a touch screen that allows users to read, view, and send text messages without grabbing their phone.  It will also alert you when a new message is received through vibrations or a text tone, similar to a smartphone.

Now that you know you can send and receive text messages on your Samsung Watch 3, it is time to get into more specific details. Continue reading to learn how to send a text message, adjust alerts when you receive a text message, and some troubleshooting tips.

How to Send a Text with a Samsung Watch 3

Sending a message with the Samsung Watch 3 is similar to sending a message on a Samsung phone. All it takes is a few swipes on the watch screen, a few taps, and the message is sent. If you haven’t figured out how to work this function, follow these simple instructions to send your first message with the Samsung Watch 3:

  1. Select ‘Messages’ or go to ‘Contacts’
  2. Choose the person you want to send the message to, or manually enter their number. 
  3. You can text using the keyboard, touchpad, voice message, microphone, a quick response, or a Doodle.
  4. Press the send button.

You have now successfully sent your message to the person or people (if you are doing a group text) you selected. Every message can be worked out this way. This is also a good way to get to previous messages to read through them and form a reply to a chain of previous discussions.

If you’re constantly touching the watch screen to send texts, consider some accessories such as screen protectors and watch cleaners.

How to Adjust Text Message Alerts

Sometimes it is convenient to get a text tone or alert sent to your watch to let you know you have gotten a new message. Sometimes when you are in a movie theater or meeting, it may not be ideal to have a sound alert. When this is the case, it’s time to adjust text message alerts on your Samsung Watch 3. Here are the easy steps to change from a sound to a vibration alert.

  1. Go to the settings menu on the watch face
  2. Scroll until you find Sound and Vibration and select it
  3. Choose whether or not you want a sound alert or a vibration alert

This setting can be changed at any time. This means it is a quick and easy fix before entering a situation requiring silent notifications. The vibration alert is relatively strong and noticeable, so it is a great alternative. If you don’t want to use your watch to adjust this setting, you can also use your smartphone to adjust it through the watch app.

Can’t Get My Message Across

Like all technology, the Samsung Watch 3 can have an off day. This means it can stop working appropriately, and the user can have a hard time getting it to send messages the right way. There can also be a delay in receiving text messages on the watch. This all leads to trouble in the smartwatch paradise. Luckily, we have some tips to get it back in working order.

No Sound, Just Silence

One popular issue that users may encounter is that their notifications for text messages seemingly disappear. When this occurs, it may not be an issue with the watch but a setting within the phone or menu itself. For example, it may be turned into silent mode or airplane mode, and the user forgets to swap it. Take a peek before assuming the worst.

Time for an Update

Sometimes the watch will stop working appropriately if it is not updated to the newest OS. If this is the case, put it on the charger and set it to update. This will give it a refresh and hopefully set it straight. Out-of-date firmware is a major cause of most issues for technology every day.

Speaking of charging, you can even charge your Samsung Watch 3 with your phone!

Refresh and Reset

Another great way to fix this issue is by turning the watch off and waiting for a few moments. Then later, turn it back on again. This should give it enough time to reset its memory and processes. It often fixes any sound, alerts, lagging, or connectivity issues. If it does not do so, it is time to call your wireless phone carrier.

Messages On Your Wrist

Due to new technological strides, people can keep in touch with friends and families through their watch. This helps prevent people from digging out their phones and occupying their hands further with bulky phones. This is just one example of how technology is advancing us and making our lives easier daily.

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