Can You Read A PDF On The Kindle Oasis?


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The Kindle Oasis is a great little e-reader with some of the best technology loaded onto it by Amazon. This e-reader has a sleek design, easy page-turning buttons, and an adjustable backlight, making it optimal for bibliophiles everywhere. It can read all types of books, but many still ask, can you read a PDF on the Kindle Oasis?

You can read a PDF on the Kindle Oasis. It can only read native PDF files. This means that the PDF file is not converted in any way. These PDF files view seamlessly on the screen and can be adjusted for sizing and brightness, just like any other book on the Kindle Oasis.

Reading a PDF can be as simple as reading an ordinary book on the Kindle Oasis. To make it this easy, a little setup is involved. Learn how to download and open a PDF on the Kindle Oasis and how to troubleshoot if the process doesn’t go as you expected.

Downloading a PDF to Kindle Oasis

The first step to enjoying a PDF on the Kindle Oasis is to download it onto the device. This is a great way to expand your reading material or use the reader for school purposes. Before you can do it, you need to download the PDF onto the Kindle Oasis. These are the steps you need to take to make this possible:

  1. Go to your email provider on your computer or your phone. 
  2. Compose a new email. 
  3. Find the PDF document and attach it to the email.
  4. Enter your unique Kindle email that Amazon has assigned to you.
  5. Send the PDF as an attachment to the email, and it will appear in your library.

If you need help finding your Kindle email address, you can find it in your manage your content and devices settings and then by clicking personal document settings in your account on Amazon.

Since you can read PDFs on a Kindle Oasis, you might be wondering if there are other document types that you can read. Not all file types are available for reading on the Kindle Oasis.

Now that the Kindle has the PDF file in the Kindle Library, it is time to access the document for reading purposes. This part of the process can get tricky, but it is not impossible. 

Opening a PDF on Kindle Oasis

After successfully emailing yourself the PDF document you want to read, you need to wait a minute or two to let it get to your Kindle Library. This allows the library to catch up and the PDF to appear. Refresh the page to see it pop into the queue. After it appears, simply tap it to open it like any other book. The controls are the same and the view is just as clear.

Trouble With PDFs

Although this process seems super easy, some people encounter problems when trying to view a PDF file on their Kindle Oasis. While this is not the norm, it is a possibility. After all, technology can be finicky, and the Kindle Oasis is a smart device. Keep reading to learn some of the most common problems and how to solve them.

I Can’t Find My PDF

One common problem is the inability to find the PDF file they sent to their Kindle. This can occur because the file is downloaded into a folder within the Kindle Library. If you like to organize your Kindle Library and use tags, and the PDF had a relevant tag, it will automatically sort itself into that folder. Go back and take a peek to ensure it isn’t hiding there.

If the PDF still has not shown up, it could be an issue with the Amazon unique email you entered. Ensure that it is the right email by logging into Amazon and looking in your account settings. If you go to manage your devices, you will be able to find your Amazon Kindle email. Try copying and pasting it into the email and sending the PDF again.

The File is Protected

If you try to download a protected file onto the Kindle Library, you may be in for a surprise. PDF files that use DRM protection do not like to play nice with the Kindle Oasis or Kindle Library in general. This is because PDFs purchased from Amazon are the only PDFs that play nicely with the Kindle Library. PDFs bought from the Google Play store, Kobo, or Apple won’t work.

If you have purchased a PDF from a different provider, you may need to grab a different tablet or read it as an email attachment. This is a precaution to help prevent pirating digital books and materials. Although it is inconvenient for Kindle lovers, it is helpful for authors and publishing houses because it protects their financial interests.

You’ll also need to make sure that you have enough storage space on your Kindle Oasis so you can enjoy reading your PDFs.

Enjoy the Story

Native PDFs are a great way to enjoy stories in a different format. They are also great for manuals and school materials. Although it takes a little work to get them loaded onto the Kindle Oasis, they are very convenient when uploaded. So sit back and enjoy the story in PDF format.

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