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Can You Play Games on Kindle Oasis?

Last Updated Jun 8, 2022
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Gaming is one of the exciting activities many toddlers, teenagers, and young adults enjoy doing nowadays. Many gamers take the opportunity to play their favorite games on gadgets such as the Amazon Kindle models. But the dire question every Kindle Oasis user is asking is, can you play games on the device? 

You can play games on Kindle Oasis. The device’s app store has many new games to choose from in every genre. Just make sure to monitor how many games you have installed as there is limited space available.

All that is required of you to access games on the device is to simply download and install them on your Kindle Oasis. Continue reading to learn how to install and play games on the Kindle Oasis.

How to Install Games on Kindle Oasis

With more advanced features and new games introduced on Kindle Oasis, you can easily install your preferred game from Amazon cloud storage. However, it’s only the games you have installed on the device you get to play. Follow the guidelines below to install your desired game.

Open the Amazon Games App

To access any game on your Kindle Oasis, you’ll need to visit the games section. There are various kinds of games in the game app, those found in Kindle Paperwhite and some newly updated games. 

Once you have opened the game app, the next step is to select your preferred game.

Select Your Preferred Game

With new games uploaded to the Amazon cloud storage often, you’ll find different kinds of games when you open the game app. If you’re familiar with Kindle games, you may already have a specific game you want to install. But if you’re using the Kindle Oasis for the first time, you might be tempted to try out all the games that catch your eye.

This may not be too good because the Kindle Oasis comes with 8 GB and 32 GB space. Installing many games may not allow you to access other features embedded in the device. The best approach is to scan the available games and select the one you prefer. There’s also an option to uninstall once downloaded.

You can make use of the search option if you have any game in mind. Once located, you’re two clicks away to download.

Download the Game

Once you have located your preferred game, tap on it to begin downloading. It will automatically install on your Kindle Oasis device once the download is completed. There you have it, your favorite game right at your fingertips.

What Games Can You Play on Kindle Oasis?

The updated features in the Amazon Kindle Oasis have an extensive range of games that can be played. Coupled with the adjustment in screen resolutions and display, there’s a new dexterity to give users an immersive experience. Kindle Oasis has varieties of games under different categories. 

Listed below are some of the games and categories you will find on your Amazon Kindle Oasis:

Game GenreTypes of Games in this Genre
ActionPrison Survive Break EscapeRed Bull 4Zombie Sniper
AdventureJeff The KillerPolice Dog Simulator 3DSonic Jump
ArcadeGeometry DashMagic Piano Pink MusicThe Crossing DeadAsphalt
BoardsChess FreeMahjong UltimateMini Golf Space Rolling
CardsHeartsJack pokerSolitaireSpades Free
SimulationCar Driving SimulatorCooking FeverExtreme Bike Driving 3D
SportsArchery TournamentBig Win BasketballTop Players Football

Other categories include casinos, dice, racing, music, and more. Your gaming fantasies can be satisfied with the Amazon Kindle Oasis without you experiencing glitches or distractions.

Is Kindle Oasis Just for Gaming?

Apart from playing games on the Kindle Oasis model, users are hosted to various entertaining activities that can be carried out on the Kindle Oasis. 

You can perform the following activities:

  • Read millions of books for free
  • Internet surfing
  • Audio e-book for reading when driving or walking.
  • Take a screenshot and highlight the text of important passages in a book.
  • Share books with fellow e-readers for a designated period of time.

Now, let’s see some other features of the Amazon Kindle Oasis.

Other Features of the Amazon Kindle Oasis

The Kindle Oasis comes with other unique features that distinguish it from other Kindle models. 

The features include:

  • It has an adjustable warm light to shift the screen color from white to amber by just swiping your hand from left to right.
  • Kindle Oasis is waterproof, allowing you to read in your bath or pool.
  • It is the only kindle model that has an auto-rotate feature and a thin and light ergonomic design.
  • Comes with the latest e-ink technology similar to a real paper.

Now you know everything about gaming on your Kindle Oasis.

Bottom Line

Knowing that you can play games on your Kindle Oasis gives you the opportunity to relax and entertain yourself with your favorite game after reading or performing other activities. Kindle Oasis offers different categories of games to make selections from to fulfill your gaming desires.

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