Can You Pair Nest Audio With HomePod?


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Smart speakers are the most significant gadgets. Products like Google’s Nest Audio and Apple’s HomePod are vital to making every home a Smart home, with multiple devices seamlessly integrated and ready to perform whatever the user asks of them. You want to know if you can get a Nest Audio and a HomePod to interface with each other. But is that possible? Can you pair them together?

As a whole, the Nest Audio Smart speaker will not pair with the Apple HomePod. However, there are still ways to control Nest Smart devices from an iOS-based platform like iPhone and IPad.

Even though you can’t directly pair a Nest Audio and a HomePod, there are workarounds to this issue that will work just fine. So keep on reading, and don’t miss out on the tips and tricks we’ve got for you here today.

Does Apple Homepod Work With Nest?

The Apple HomePod generally does not natively support Google Nest devices like the Nest Cam and Nest Learning Thermostat. However, the Nest app is available for iOS for users to control their Nest devices from an iPhone or iPad, just like they would from an Android phone or tablet.

How to Control Nest with IOS Device

If you want to take control of your Nest from an iOS device, take these steps:

  1. Connect your Nest device to the WiFi network.
  2. Ensure that you have connected your iOS phone or tablet to the same wireless network.
  3. Download the Nest app from the Apple App Store.
  4. Open the app and sign in.
  5. Tap the Settings icon from the home screen and then select Add Product.
  6. Tap Continue without scanning and select your Nest device.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions and type in the entry key if prompted.

You will now see the Nest device on the app’s home screen. From here, you need to tap it to view all kinds of information about it and direct it to perform tasks. If you would like to learn more about Nest, click here.

What If I Can’t Find My Entry Key When Pairing Devices?

Devices that need an entry key for pairing with the app include the Nest Thermostats. If you don’t know the key, you can easily view it inside your Thermostat’s settings like this:

  1. Press the ring on the Thermostat to open its Quick View menu.
  2. Navigate to Settings and then to the Nest app.
  3. Press that ring to select the option.
  4. Select the Get Entry key option to generate a unique key that you will use for connection with the mobile app.

If you are interested in pairing a Nest device with the Apple Homekit, you will have to use a Homebridge server or hub.

Can You Connect Apple Music To Google Nest Mini?

Since late 2020, Google Nest devices like the Nest Mini and the Nest Audio have had native support for Apple Music. Users can link their Apple Music subscription to the Google Home app, set it as the default music streaming service, and listen to it with a Nest speaker.

Step One: Subscribe to Apple Music

The first thing you will need is a subscription to Apple Music. Once you have that, follow these steps to get your Nest Mini to play your favorite Apple Music tracks:

  1. Open Google Home on your iOS device.
  2. Tap Settings and navigate to Music.
  3. Locate Apple Music under More music services and tap the link icon beside it.
  4. Select Link Account.
  5. Sign in with your Apple ID that you use for Apple Music.

Step Two: Set Apple Music As Default Music Streaming Service

Once complete, you can tell your Nest speaker to play a track, but you will have to mention Apple Music in the voice command, or it won’t play from there by default.

Luckily, setting Apple Music as the default music streaming service is also a doddle:

  1. Open the Google Home app.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Tap Music.
  4. Select Apple Music from Your music services.

If you want to remove Apple Music from your Nest Mini, the process is like how you linked it the first time. You’ll just be tapping the unlink icon next to Apple Music to remove it. You might also like to buy Nest Mini Wall Mount Holder from Amazon.


There are several options to choose from when it comes to smart speakers. Google has the Nest Audio, Amazon has the Echo, and Apple is rolling out the HomePod Mini. While they are all great, they can only work in an ecosystem of devices from the same manufacturer.

That can be a problem for some users owning devices from both rivals and wanting them to work together in some capacity. Fortunately, native support for the Nest app on iOS and the presence of Homebridge saves the day for Nest-HomePod harmony.

Whenever you are in doubt, visit us, and we’ll hopefully have an answer to your problem. If you are still unsatisfied, remember: Google Support will always be there for your every query.

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