Can You Move Simplisafe to a New House?

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Moving to a new house can be exciting but overwhelming, so you will want to know how to bring your SimpliSafe home security system with you to your new home. I have gathered all the information I could find about moving to a new home as a SimpliSafe user. 

Can You Move Simplisafe to a New House? You can move your SimpliSafe system to a new home by removing all the components from your old home and setting them up in your new home. All you need is adhesive strips. Then, update your address on your account. You can do this online or over the phone. 

To help you prepare for your move, I have provided more details about moving SimpliSafe to a new house. This way you will have one less thing to worry about as you prepare for your move. 

Moving SimpliSafe to a New Home

SimpliSafe system

Taking your SimpliSafe system with you to your new home is incredibly easy! You own all the parts of your SimpliSafe system, so they are yours to take wherever you like. 

Preparing for Your Move

To ensure there is no lapse in your home security protection, when packing up your old home, pack your SimpliSafe system last. Don’t forget to remove all the sensors from your walls and doors. Pack them all in the same box so you don’t lose them.

Once you have chosen a new home, you should evaluate which SimpliSafe devices your new home needs. If you are moving to a larger home, you may find that you need to purchase additional sensors.

When you move, change your address using your online account or by calling SimpliSafe customer service. 

Setting Up in Your New Home

You will need new double-sided adhesive tape to mount the keypad and sensors to the walls of your new house. I recommend 3M Command Strips because they are easy to apply and will not damage your walls when it’s time to remove them. You can purchase some here

When setting up SimpliSafe in your new home, you will follow the same steps you used to set it up the first time. 

  1. Plug the base station into a wall outlet in a central location of your new house. 
  2. Install the keypad on the wall next to the house’s main entrance. 
  3. Install each sensor and additional product using adhesive strips. 
  4. If you changed your internet provider or Wifi router, connect your keypad to your new Wifi network. 

Customizing Your System for Your New Home

You may want to rename some of your sensors depending on where they are placed in your new home. You can rename any of your devices on your keypad.

  1. Press the menu button.
  2. Enter your master PIN number. 
  3. Select “Devices”.
  4. Select the device you want to rename. 
  5. Click the option to rename the device.  

You can rename sensors using your online account or phone app if you have SimpliSafe’s Interactive Monitoring plan. Log into your account and click on “Devices” to rename any of your SimpliSafe devices online. You can also remove any devices that you will not use in your new home. 

If you purchased new components to accommodate your new space, you will need to add them to your SimpliSafe system. If you are adding multiple new devices in your new home, the easiest way to add them is using the keypad.

  1. Press the menu button.
  2. Enter your master PIN number. 
  3. Select “Setup and Naming”.
  4. Press the test button on one of your new devices when prompted. This will connect the device to your system.
  5. Name the device on the keypad when prompted.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each new device. 

You may also want to change or remove any user PIN numbers that are no longer relevant. For example, if you had a roommate at your old house, but they are not moving with you, you can remove their user PIN. 

New Home Troubleshooting

Here are some potential problems you may encounter when moving SimpliSafe to your new home and how to solve them:

I mixed up my sensors when I was packing, and I cannot remember which is which. Each SimpliSafe device has a serial number on it. In your online account, hover your mouse over a device name to view its Serial number. Then, you can match that number to the number of the sensor. 
When I set up my keypad at my new house, it displayed this message: “Keypad Out of Range”. Your base station is too far away from your keypad. Move your base station closer to the keypad while keeping it as centrally located as possible in your new home. 
I will not be able to set up SimpliSafe in my new home right away.Call SimpliSafe customer service and notify them of your moving date. They will suspend your service while you are not using it. When you are ready to reinstall your system at your new place, just call again and let them know. 
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