Can You Mount A TV With Command Strips Double-Sided Tape?

Mounted TV With Netflix turned onMounted TV With Netflix turned on

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TV mounts are expensive and require a lot of manual labor. The wall needs to be prepped and drilled before you even screw in the large metal frame that costs almost as much as your TV (well not quite but it’s still an added expense you probably weren’t expecting)! So if you are like many consumers who are looking for an alternative to these mounts, you are probably asking yourself, can you mount a TV with Command Strips double-sided tape?

While some users say you can use very strong adhesives to mount your TV to the wall, Command Strips double-sided tape can only safely hold up a TV that weighs less than 16 pounds. So unless you have a very small TV under that weight, you cannot use Command Strips double-sided tape to mount your TV.

Even though the 16-pound weight limit does technically apply to a pair of strips, we don’t recommend you simply add more double-sided tape to give it a go. You just may end up with a smashed television which is much more expensive than a proper wall mount. However, if you do want to know what kind of products you can use to mount your television safely, besides a TV mount, we have a few suggestions!

Why Shouldn’t you Use Command Strips Double-Sided Tape to Mount your TV?

Just to reiterate: Command Strips double-sided tape is only recommended to hold up to 16 pounds and an item that measures less than 24-36 inches.

Most televisions these days weigh quite a lot more than that and are taller, wider, and altogether larger than these dimensions. Even the average 32-inch screen, which may be within the maximum length dimension, typically weighs more than 25 pounds.

So for the safety of you, your loved ones, and your television, do not use Command Strips double-sided tape to mount your TV (unless it is under 16 pounds).

What Can You Use to Mount a TV besides a Wall Mount?

If you are adamant that you do not want to use a standard wall mount to adhere your TV securely, and you now understand that you cannot use Command Strips, there are a few other options.

TV Hangers

There are several types of TV hangers available on Amazon that will safely adhere your television to the wall without having to drill large holes. In fact, these options do not use studs at all but instead have strong adhesives with a metal rack attached.

This is a great option if you are living in an apartment and cannot or do not want to get permission from your landlord to take chunks out of your wall!

TV Stands

If you have a large TV that is over 55 inches, a TV stand is probably the best tool for displaying your television at the proper height without having to use a drill at all.

You can find a variety of styles that will suit any home and television online well. Some of these stands are even extremely mobile, so you can move your television out of the way if you are having a party of gathering that doesn’t need a TV as the center of attention.

They are often called “no drill wall mounts” as essentially you are mounting your TV to the rack itself for safety, just not to the wall with power tools.

Wooden or Metal Rails

If you are willing to make a few small holes in your wall, you can use a metal or wooden rail.. For this option you can simply connect the rail via two small brackets to the wall itself and then hang your television from it,

As with adhesives, this option can be dangerous if you do not get the dimensions and weight bearing calculations right, so make sure to do a little research on what the rail and brackets you are going to choose can hold before mounting.


It’s important to note that Command Strips double-sided tape have been used by consumers with success to keep their televisions safely mounted to the wall. Although you can find their positive affirmations that this works on a variety of online forums, we do not recommend it, and neither does Command Strips.

Most of these success stories do not confirm the size of their television, and some even brag that they have had great luck attaching their TV with the tape and then show pictures of a tablet or tiny screen!

In other words, don’t believe everything you read online. The official weight and dimensions that Command Strips provide as the maximum allowance for their double-sided tape are 16 pounds and 24-36 inches. If your television surpasses either of these requirements, you should not use tape to mount your television.

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