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Can You Leave Your Eufy Camera Plugged In All the Time?

Last Updated Feb 4, 2022
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When people buy security cameras in their house, they usually expect it to provide 24-hour surveillance of their homes and surroundings every day. But, unfortunately, this means the camera has to be on all the time. For this reason, many potential buyers of Eufy cameras are interested in asking the question, “Can I leave my Eufy camera plugged in all the time?”

You can leave your Eufy camera plugged in all the time. However, Anker advises against it, as leaving the camera plugged all the time could destroy the battery and leave the camera vulnerable to water permeation. 

eufyCams are designed to be water-resistant, but plugging the camera at all times exposes the charging port to rain and other elements, especially when the camera is constantly kept outdoors. Keep reading while we explore the different ways that security cameras can record videos and how you can keep your camera safe from water while it works 24/7.

Different Ways That Security Cameras Can Record Videos

Security cameras have become a big deal in recent times, with many people using them to monitor their homes when they are away. There are different ways that security cameras can record videos. Many people assume that they all record 24/7, but that’s untrue. Also, it could be expensive to run your cameras this way.

Motion Detection Security Cameras

Many security cameras record only when motion is detected. This means that if an area is tranquil with zero human or animal activity, the camera will be off. However, the camera begins recording as soon as any movement is detected.

These kinds of cameras use Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors. These passive infrared sensors detect ambient heat released by all living beings. When these PIR sensors detect a significant movement of these warm objects, it signals the camera to start recording.

The PIR sensors also look for a significant temperature differential between the object and the background scene. If it finds any, it signals the camera and alerts the user. Unfortunately, these cameras only record in small clips when necessary and leave out other footage when the area is peaceful and quiet.

Disadvantages of Motion Detection Security Cameras

The disadvantage of using this camera is that a glitch could prevent recording a vital clip. Sometimes, you can only be sure by recording the whole area even when there is no activity.

If you would like to learn more about the motion detection Eufy Video Doorbell, check out this article.

24-Hour Surveillance Security Cameras

Some cameras allow for 24-hour surveillance, whether there’s any activity or not. Using this kind of camera could mean that you have to pay for more recording subscriptions or keep the camera plugged into power 24/7 so that the battery doesn’t run out. 

Some Eufy cameras allow 24/7 recording (only the wired and indoor cameras). This means they are consistently connected to a power source and router using an ethernet cable.

If you wish to use cameras with rechargeable batteries for extended periods to record, you have to make provisions for charging them constantly. 

Disadvantages of 24-Hour Surveillance Security Cameras

The only problem with this is exposing the charging port to water intrusion, and the camera stops being water-resistant. Also, you risk destroying the camera’s battery if you leave it plugged in all the time.

How to Protect Your External Camera from Extreme Weather Conditions

If you choose to keep your camera plugged in and running all the time, you should be willing to take several steps to protect it from harsh weather conditions.

Some steps you can take to protect your camera from extreme weather conditions are included below.

Built-in Protection

You can build a small roof to act as a shade from rain, snow, and harsh sun for your camera. You can also install the camera under a roof overhang to protect it underneath.

This way, you can worry less about water entering the critical parts of your camera.

Security Mounts

External Cameras often come with security mounts that help protect them from theft. These mounts won’t cover the camera from rain, but they will help keep the camera steady when heavy winds come.

Use Cameras Designed for External Use

External cameras have been specially built to withstand harsh temperatures, so they are strong enough for external use. Do not use indoor cameras outside.

Also, make sure you find out if a camera can work 24/7 before you use it for that purpose outside your house. Eufy has come up with cameras that work that way specifically, so be sure to check those out first before buying any other one for use outside the house.


You can leave your Eufy Camera plugged in all the time, but you must be aware of the consequences. You risk exposing the open ports to water and other environmental conditions, and you risk destroying the battery.

Buy eufyCams that support 24/7, and you don’t have to worry about the battery. You can also keep them safe using some of the above-listed methods.