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Can You Install the Eufy Doorbell Without Turning Off the Power?

Last Updated Nov 6, 2021
ring video doorbell 2 mounted to a brick wall

In this day and age, it is very important to have proper security on your property, which is probably what led to you purchasing the Eufy doorbell. This amazing device allows you to see who is at your door, and on your property, without you having to look out a window or peek out the door.

The most basic Eufy doorbell will require power to be turned off before installation. This is because there is some wiring involved depending on your situation. But if you purchase the wireless or battery option, this isn’t always the case.

Read on to learn more about the installation of the Eufy doorbell and whether or not you should expect to turn the power off to your home during installation.

Installing the Wired Eufy Doorbell

If you have purchased the wired Eufy doorbell, you are always advised to turn off the power during installation. This is because there are a few steps in the installation process that require you to touch and connect wires. Therefore there is a risk of electrocution if the power is not turned off before you begin.

How to Install the Wired Eufy Doorbell

  1. Install the Eufy App.
  2. Register your device (Scan the QR code on the doorbell).
  3. Check that your existing doorbell is working, and locate where it chimes in your home.
  4. Shut off the power. Check a light switch to ensure the power is off.
  5. Find the doorbell cover in your home, remove it.
  6. Connect the two terminals labeled TRANS and FRONT.
  7. Remove the existing doorbell, straightening the wires as you do so.
  8. Mount the Eufy doorbell bracket.
  9. Thread the wires through the holes on the bracket.
  10. Connect wires to the back of the doorbell.
  11. Remove the film from the mounting bracket.
  12. Place the doorbell in the bracket.
  13. Turn the power back on.
  14. Follow the app instructions to continue the setup.

As you can see, the power to your home will only need to be off for a few minutes in order to install your Eufy doorbell. But even if a few minutes is too much, there are a couple of other options you can choose from.

Installing the Eufy Wireless Doorbell

If you really can’t manage to turn the power off to install the wired Eufy doorbell, or if you don’t already have a doorbell, then you will want to purchase the Eufy wireless doorbell.

You will not need to turn off the power when installing the Eufy wireless doorbell. Because it’s a battery-operated version, there’s no need to mess with the wiring in your home to install.

Like the wired version, this doorbell still allows you to see who is at your door without you having to open it. But unlike the other version, this doorbell will need recharging frequently. So if you aren’t going to be home often enough to charge your doorbell, you should probably invest the money to have an electrician put in the wired Eufy doorbell.

How to Install the Wireless Eufy Doorbell

  1. Install the Eufy App.
  2. Register your device (Scan the QR code on the doorbell).
  3. Charge your Eufy doorbell.
  4. Set up the home device that came in the box with the doorbell (follow app instructions).
  5. Drill holes to anchor your Eufy doorbell.
  6. Place the bracket using screws and the anchor, adjust the angle as needed.
  7. Place the doorbell in the bracket.

And just like that, you are ready for visitors to come to ring your doorbell without having to turn off the power or mess with any wiring!

Can You Use the Wired Eufy Doorbell If You Have No Wires?

Maybe you have already bought the wired version of the Eufy doorbell, and you are wondering if you can still use it even though your home isn’t prewired for a doorbell. And the answer is yes.

There is a specific adapter you can purchase that will allow you to mount your doorbell and connect it to a power outlet outside your home. Simply purchase the adapter, plug it in, and connect it to the doorbell. This adapter is called a doorbell power adapter and can be purchased at most hardware stores.

The cool thing about this adapter method is you don’t have to turn off the power! The bad news is, if people can see the wire attaching your Eufy to the outlet, they could cut the wire to destroy your video feed. This is why you should drill a hole and run your Eufy wires through the wall. This will add to the work of installation but will better protect your investment.

And if you are unsure of any of the processes of installing a Eufy, be sure to call a professional for help.

Final Thoughts

Overall, you will love your new investment whether you got the wired or wireless Eufy doorbell. You will be able to rest easy inside your house, always knowing who is at your front door. Just be sure that if you purchased the wired version of the Eufy doorbell, you shut off the power to your home before installation so that you or a family member doesn’t get injured.