Fluctuating temperatures are a hassle in any household, workplace, or shop. If you opted for a new smart Emerson thermostat, then you made a good choice! However, installing it can be tricky considering you’re working with wires and hardware tools. The question is, do you need to shut down the power to begin your install?

As a general rule, you need to turn off the power to your heat and air conditioner via your fuse box to install your Emerson thermostat. This is to prevent you from being electrocuted as you are working with wires and, if the power is on, they will be live.

Keep reading for a step-by-step guide on how to install an Emerson thermostat. 

How To Install an Emerson Thermostat

In order to install your Emerson thermostat, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Turn off your heating and air conditioner
  2. Take off the faceplate of your old thermostat 
  3. Take a photo of the wiring of your old thermostat in case you’d ever have to reinstall that. 
  4. Unscrew the existing wires from your old thermostat and then unscrew the base plate from the wall. (Tip: If you’re scared of your wires falling back into your walls, you can wrap it around a pencil while you get the base plate of your new thermostat.)
  5. Screw in the base plate of your new thermostat. 
  6. Screw in the wires to your new thermostat. There should be labels on your base plate and on the wires to be used as a guide. 
  7. (Hopefully your wiring is compatible with the new thermostat and if not, you might have to consult an electrician. You can find compatibility on the Sensi Emerson website.)
  8. Fix the faceplate of your new thermostat back. 

With this, you should have successfully installed your new thermostat by yourself and should be ready to work it. 

If you would like to learn more about your Emerson Thermostat, take a look at this article.

How to Operate your Emerson Thermostat 

Tech repairing a thermostat

After installing your thermostat, there are also certain things you need to know how to do. In this section, we’re going to be showing you a guide on how to work your Emerson thermostat. 

Locking Your Thermostat 

Considering that someone messing with your thermostat will affect both the temperature and your electricity bill, you don’t want to risk that.

When you lock your thermostat, the buttons don’t work until you unlock it. 

To lock your Emerson thermostat, you need to press and hold the “menu” and “up” button until a padlock icon appears on the screen. 

To unlock it, you do the same until the padlock icon disappears. 

How To Change Your Thermostat Batteries

If you’re using a battery powered thermostat, the batteries are usually located at the back of the face plate. 

To change the batteries, you simply have to:

  1. Remove the faceplate of your thermostat
  2.  Replace the dead batteries with new ones
  3. Fix the face plate back in

Your thermostat should be functioning just fine after this is done. 

How To Reset Your Thermostat

We’re going to be focusing on the Emerson 80s series thermostat. There are two ways to reset this device; the factory reset and the hard reset.

The user manual should be your guide because certain features vary from model to model. 

If you don’t have a user manual then you can check the website by searching your thermostat model number and the words “Emerson Thermostat user manual” and downloading the file that pops up. 

Factory Reset

To carry out a factory reset, you must do the following:

  1. Press and hold the menu and backlight buttons. This should be done simultaneously. 
  2. Do this this the display goes blank
  3. Wait for the display to reappear and it’ll be complete.

After this is done, if the reset doesn’t occur then you can opt for a hard reset. 

Hard Reset

To do a hard reset, if your screen has suddenly gone off, is refusing to respond or the factory reset you’ve carried out isn’t working, you’d need to do a hard reset. 

To do this, you can remove the faceplate and replace the old batteries with new ones and clip the face plate back in. 

Doing this won’t change the already set schedules or thermostat configuration. If the batteries are still not responsive, take out the cover plate and the batteries and leave them for a few minutes. 

If the screen is still unresponsive, contact your electrician because that’s a more serious problem. Better still, if you’re under warranty, contact Emerson.


The Emerson thermostat is a very good buy. Being a smart thermostat, it might be a good idea to learn the ropes and it is quite different from the regular thermostat that you might have had. We hope this article helps you find your way around your thermostat from start to finish.