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Can You Install the Arlo Doorbell Without Turning Off the Power?

Last Updated Sep 10, 2022
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You’ve just purchased a new smart doorbell and you can’t wait to install it.  The only problem is that you’re not sure how to.  Should you keep the power on or turn it off?  Will everything I need come in the box?  This question and many more await you as you open the manual and begin installing your new doorbell.

The power should always be off when installing an Arlo Audio or Video Doorbell.  It would be very dangerous to keep the power on due to the risk of electrocution.  More specifically, the power should be turned off on the breaker to ensure the power is completely off.

It is very important to know where the breaker box is when installing the doorbell.  Knowing this will help streamline the installation process and get things done quicker.  Once the breaker switch has been located, the hard part is over.  After you are sure that the breaker is in the off position you can begin the installation process.

Follow the Instructions!

As long as the instructions are followed, setting up the doorbell is pretty straightforward.  The instruction manual should be included in the box, if not, check online on Arlo’s website or on their downloadable app for the instructions.  In case the app requires a wifi connection, It might be a good idea to install the app before the power goes off.  

The Arlo App can be downloaded from the App Store on an Iphone or from the Play Store on an Android device.

What’s in the Box?

Before beginning the installation it is important to make sure that you have everything you need.   Check the box the doorbell came in to make sure that all materials included are inside.  The box includes everything from wire extensions to fasteners, and more.  Next, check the instruction manual for extra tools that may be needed.  

Tools such as a power drill or multimeter may make the installation process a lot easier:

Extra Tools You May Need
MultimeterElectrical Tape
FlashlightPower Drill

Now, let’s look at turning the power off during installation.

Safety First, Turn the Power Off!

Once all materials are accounted for you’re ready to move onto the next part.  

Safety is the first priority when installing anything electrical. It is important to remember that all power should be off and that it should be off at the breaker level. After the power is off you can be confident that you won’t run into any safety issues during the installation process.  

A flashlight is also a great tool to have on hand in case the breaker controls the lights in the room.  It would be really difficult to do the installation in the dark!  Make sure the installation area is well lit for optimal safety.

It may also be helpful to have another person available in case you feel as though you need an extra hand with the wiring and with screwing the doorbell on.

Can an Arlo Doorbell be Connected to a Smart Hub?

There is an optional setup available for the Arlo Doorbell to be connected to either the Arlo Smarthub or Base Station.  A smart hub or base station allows you to combine all of your smart home devices together and control them from one device or app.  

This is extremely convenient as it eliminates the need for multiple boxes and apps.  It also makes owning multiple smart devices a lot easier because all of the controls are in one location.

If you’d like to learn more about Arlo doorbells, take a look at this article.

Can an Arlo Doorbell be Saved to the Cloud?

It is possible for the Arlo Doorbell to be saved to the cloud.  Arlo offers a few different subscriptions.  The subscription can be chosen based on the type of doorbell you have and the features that you want.  Recording can also be enabled with the Arlo Doorbell.  

A subscription does not have to be purchased to use the cloud, but one is required if you want recording enabled.  Recording can be a convenient tool if you need to replay a specific point in time. 

What Are the Benefits of Having an Arlo Doorbell Over Other Brands?

There are many benefits to having an Arlo Doorbell over other doorbells.  Let’s go over each of them below.

Smart Home Capabilities

The most obvious benefit is that it is a smart doorbell which means it has cloud and smart hub capabilities, not all smart doorbells have these features.

The Arlo App

Another great benefit is that Arlo has its own app.  Even if you decide not to use a smart hub or base, the doorbell can be controlled from the convenience of your smartphone.  This is cool in case you’re in the bathroom and need to answer the door but only have your smartphone with you!

Amazon Alexa

One of the coolest features is its voice control through Amazon’s Alexa.  Imagine being able to tell your personal assistant to control the doorbell for you without you having to lift a finger.  Advanced technology like the one that comes with the Arlo doorbell allows just that.

Motion Sensor Security

Motion sensors are another cool feature of this doorbell.  Being able to control when the doorbell senses motion is important.  Nothing would be more inconvenient than false alarms being set off from you walking to the bathroom!

Relax and Enjoy

Thankfully, once the power is off, it isn’t too difficult to install the Arlo doorbell.  After carefully following the instructions you will be the new happy owner of an electric doorbell with smart capabilities.  The Arlo doorbell not only is a cool smart home device but it is one that adds to the safety and comfort of your home.  You could function without it but why would you want to?

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