Can You Have Two Amazon Smart Thermostats in the Same House?


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Thermostats are quite desirable, especially in areas of the US that get hot during the summer. One such device is the Amazon smart thermostat. They are affordable, effective, and energy-saving. They conveniently allow you to interact with your other smart devices. But you may question, can you have two Amazon smart thermostats in the same house?

You can have two Amazon smart thermostats in the same house, but each one will operate separately. Depending on which zone in your house you’re using them in, they both may need to run on different schedules.

While smart thermostats are efficient for maintaining a well-regulated home temperature, some people feel the need to have more than one thermostat in the same house. Keep reading to find answers to essential questions about your Amazon smart thermostat and more on having two of these devices in your house.

How Many Amazon Smart Thermostats Does One House Need?

You now know that it is possible to use more than one Amazon smart thermostat at a time in the same house, but how can you determine how many thermostats you’ll need?

Generally, the number of thermostats you will need in the same house depends on the size of the house. For example, bigger houses may need more than one smart thermostat for better temperature regulation.

What Affects the Number of Thermostats Needed In One House?

Besides the size of your house, there is much more than goes into needing more than one thermostat in the same house.

Here are a few factors that can affect the number of Amazon smart thermostats you may need in your home:

  • Heating zones
  • What type of house you have
  • How many stories your house has
  • The size of your house
  • Your schedule
  • HVAC compatibility

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most important factors in more detail below.

Heating Zones

Heating zones classify a home’s rooms based on temperature differences and varying energy levels. Therefore, if your home has multiple zones, it could be a determining factor in getting two or more Amazon smart thermostats in the same house. 

For instance, one thermostat will regulate the temperature of a few rooms in the same general area, and another, the rooms farthest from the first device. 

What Type of House You Have

The type of house you have is another factor that affects how many Amazon smart thermostats are needed in the same house. The reason is that no two homes require the same energy levels for temperature regulation. 

The energy requirement of a one-story apartment is significantly different from the energy requirement of multiple-story homes. Although the Amazon smart thermostat saves energy, it would be a waste to use two in a one-story, smaller apartment.

HVAC Compatibility

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit and plays a significant role in deciding how many smart thermostats you can use in the same house. Essentially, the bigger your home, the more challenging it is to regulate temperature effectively. 

Fortunately, HVAC units enable you to connect two smart thermostats to one device so you can control the temperature of your home more easily and make for more effective thermoregulation in the same house regardless of the size.

Benefits of Using Amazon Smart Thermostats

The Amazon smart thermostat is not only affordable, but is renowned for saving energy and money for its users. 

Here are a few qualities that allow the Amazon smart thermostat to stand out from other smart thermostats:

  • It provides a smart upgrade from manual thermostats at minimal cost
  • It is energy star certified, meaning you save energy and money
  • Provides automatic thermal comfort with Alex programming and compatibility
  • It is suitable for DIY installation
  • Provides on-the-go temperature control

Some users have recorded savings of about $50 to $150 yearly when switching to the Amazon smart thermostat. However, the amount you save depends on your location, schedule, and home design.

Are All Smart Thermostats the Same?

Now that you know all about the Amazon smart thermostat and how many you will need for one house, you may be wondering if you can get the same thermoregulation coverage with other smart thermostats at a lower price.

Not all smart thermostats are the same. Some smart thermostats are designed to take care of a single zone, while others may take care of multiple zones at once. For instance, the Amazon smart thermostat can regulate over ten to fourteen zones from one phone app.

Bottom Line

Setting up two Amazon smart thermostats in the same house is possible and easy to achieve. However, only one thermostat will be able to use the Alexa learning feature to automatically regulate temperature by learning or studying your habits and schedules.

So, you will have to manually schedule the temperature regulating features of the other thermostat from the app.

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