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Can You Get YouTube On Roku Ultra?

Last Updated Jul 15, 2022

Most everyone has a favorite type of video or content creator we like to watch when there isn’t anything to do or when we need to learn how to do something. From funny cat videos to Do It Yourself videos or even educational ones, there is only one place that has it all: YouTube. So the question remains: can you get YouTube on Roku Ultra?

You can get the YouTube app on your Roku Ultra. You should be able to search for YouTube or even YouTube TV via the Home button and download the app. After that, you can utilize the app just as on any other platform.

Below you will see how to get YouTube on your Roku Ultra and create an account for YouTube. We also will discuss the benefits of YouTube TV on your Roku Ultra.

How to Get YouTube on the Roku Ultra

The first thing you want to do when trying to get the YouTube app on your Roku Ultra is find the home button on your Roku remote. This button is up in the right-hand corner and looks like a little house. Once you get to the home screen of your Roku, scroll down and find the Search tab, and then: 

  1. Search for YouTube or YouTube TV in the Search Tab
  2. Click “ok”
  3. Select the “Add channel” option on the screen by clicking “ok.”  
  4. YouTube will be automatically added to your Home Channel

Note: if you want to watch videos on YouTube right away, you can always click the “Go to Channel” button that appears. 

From there, you should be able to either sign in to your YouTube account or just go straight to the site. If you don’t already have a YouTube or Gmail account, you can quickly set it up. If you don’t want to use an account, you can use it as a guest, but you miss out on many features.

Subscribing to YouTube TV is one of the few ways you can get local TV channels on the Roku Ultra.

Creating a YouTube Account

Suppose you want to use the YouTube app on your Roku device, but you’ve never actually created an account before. An account is useful for subscribing to different channels or content creators, saving playlists, or even saving useful or funny videos you want to watch later. They also use the algorithm to determine what content you might like to see in the future. 

The first thing you will want to do is make sure you have a Google account. This is just your Gmail. Your username will be your Gmail address, and your password will be your Gmail password. Easy right? 

Just click on the Sign-up or Try for 30 Days Free if you are doing YouTube TV, and sign in using that Gmail account. 

Need to Sign up for a Gmail Account?

Signing up for a Gmail account is easy. Go to the Google website and click “Sign Up.” From there, follow directions to create a unique Gmail account and password. It will ask things like a phone number to link it to an alternative email. 

Having a Gmail account is useful for all sorts of websites. Most websites these days allow you to sign in using your Gmail account, making sure you don’t have to subscribe using another account or create a username and password for every site you decide to create an account for. 

YouTube TV vs. YouTube App

You may have seen that there are two different YouTube apps: YouTube TV and just plain YouTube. So, what’s the difference? 

YouTube TV is a live streaming service based right out of the YouTube company. It allows you to choose from one of two plans: The Base plan or the Spanish Plan. While the Spanish plan is cheaper, it does not have any English-speaking channels. 

The Base plan has at least 85 channels and can add Spanish content for an extra fee a month. You can record on their version of Cloud DVR and hold up to six accounts. The whole family can have their own accounts with favorite channels. 

The cool thing is that YouTube TV has sports and movie channels, and you can add on the channels you want to watch. 

YouTube on a Roku Ultra

In short, yes, you can totally get YouTube or even YouTube TV on your Roku Ultra device. As long as you have a Gmail account or a previously set up YouTube account, connecting and setting up YouTube on your Roku Ultra is easy. 

Just go and search for the YouTube channel on your Home page and select “Add the Channel.” This should bring up the app for you to access anytime. Once you sign in, you never have to sign in again unless you log yourself out. Go ahead, add the channel, and begin the viewing process.

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