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Can You Get Local Channels on Roku Ultra?

Last Updated Jul 7, 2022

In today’s world, you need to be able to have access to digital content. Having a Roku is great for ensuring you can touch a broad spectrum of content and ideas. Still, some types of content are strictly not online or digital, especially local channels. 

You can get some but not all local channels on Roku Ultra. Some of the local channels are available using some of the third-party apps or even the Roku Channel. You can also use an HDTV antenna connected to your television or Roku TV if you want the usual channels. 

Below we will explore how to access some of the live and local channels through the Roku channel and other third-party needs. 

How to Get Local Channels On Roku Ultra 

As you will see, there are various ways to access local channels on the Roku Ultra. They may not be exact, and they will give you bits and pieces of local channels. 

The several ways you can get local channels on your Roku Ultra are:

  • Using the Roku Channel
  • An HDTV antenna
  • Channel Apps
  • Subscriptions to streaming services

There are also a variety of free channels available on Roku Ultra. Keep reading to learn how to use these features to get local channels.

The Roku Channel

On the Roku Channel, you can find some of your favorite local channels such as ABC, the CW, ESPN, CNN, and Nickelodeon. The Roku Channel has around 300 free live TV channels, including Spanish content. 

It also has a Live TV channel guide that lets you see what is coming on and when. They have live weather, sports, children’s shows, and even premium channels such as STARZ.  

For the premium channels and some other channels, you may have to subscribe to an app to access the channels. 

You can also access some local channels outside of the US with Roku Ultra.

Free Apps 

Free is the name of the game for a lot of what we want. There are a variety of free apps that allow you to watch local and live channels. What they offer can depend on what the app is. Some of the apps are

  • Peacock 
  • Pluto TV
  • Xumo

If you go over to the Channel Store, you can see even more free movies and TV that your Roku Ultra offers. Some free apps can give you more access if you have a cable package.


Finally, there are also those you can access using subscriptions on popular streaming services such as 

  • HULU Live
  • Fubo TV
  • Philo
  • Sling TV
  • ESPN
  • Disney Plus 

These subscriptions are cool because they normally have options for Cloud DVR and they vary in prices so you can choose the ones that you like more. Some may also be included in your cable bill if you have cable.

Alternative Ways to Access Local TV

If you want to access local channels without using apps, you will probably have to go the way of using your Roku TV or smart TV. The best way to do this is by going “old school” and dealing with the antenna.

These have come a long way from the typical “bunny ear” antenna that we usually think of when we think of local television sets. They are called HDTV Antenna, and they are pretty cool. 

Choosing an HDTV Antenna

Amazon has a couple of different sets you can get based on indoor/outdoor range, and stations. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

Goxis TV Amplifier$54.99Indoor only480 milesAmplifier, local channels including ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, FOX, and more
Arrasolt Melas TV Amplifier$54.99Indoor/Outdoor420 milesAmplifier and Signal Booster with Portable Antenna, local channels including ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, FOX, Univision, and more
HOTTV Amplifier$55.99Indoor/Outdoor400 milesAmplifier, Supports 4K 1080p Smart Tv, local channels including ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, FOX, Univision, and more, portable design

Connecting your HDTV Antenna to your Roku

Before you get started make sure you have the coaxial cable (which is usually included with your HDTV antenna) and your Roku TV remote. There will be a port for “cable” on the back of your TV where you can connect your HDTV antenna. From there, you can just switch your Roku TV to its Live feature and start watching. 

So, is there a way to Watch Local Content on Roku Ultra?

Yes, there is a way to watch your local or live content with your Roku Ultra. Unfortunately, without the ability to attach an HDTV antenna directly to your Ultra, you will not be able to find all your local content on one service. 

Thankfully, many different streaming services and free apps on your Roku store allow you to make a difference. The Roku Channel will allow you to access many live channels such as weather, cartoons, and Spanish content. At the same time, the subscription services will get you closer to watching those sports games you love.

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