Can You Get Facebook on Fire HD 10?

fire hd 10fire hd 10

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Fire HD tablets have become reliable devices created by Amazon that enables their users to enjoy an array of different features that the tablet provides. As most use the tablet to consume content from amazon like Kindle books and also audiobooks can you get apps like Facebook on it? 

Yes, you can get Facebook on Fire HD 10. With various upgrades, the Fire HD 10 tablet has become a multimedia device that enables one to enjoy popular apps and other streaming services from the comfort of wherever one is. 

From when Amazon devices were only known for kindle, there have been major changes since then made by the company to satisfy their users. Just read more and you’ll soon learn what the fire HD 10 tablet has to offer. 

Can I Have Facebook on my Amazon Fire HD Tablet? 

Yes. It is possible to have your Facebook messenger to be installed on your Fire HD 10 tablet. And here are the steps for installing it:

  1. Check whether you have enabled the ‘Installation of Applications’ on your device
  2. Open the games and apps icon on your tablets.
  3. Search the Facebook app
  4. Then download it.
  5. Wait for it to install before opening it. 

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How to Update the App

If it then comes to be out of date and it needs an update, all you have to do is:

  1. Go to your menu on your tablet. 
  2. Click the Games and App icon.
  3. Go to App Updates. 
  4. Then you will see which apps that need an update.

Now, let’s see what else you can do on the Fire HD tablet.

What Else Can You Do on the Fire HD 10?

Here are some of the main things you can do on your Fire HD 10 tablets:

  • You can access your emails. 
  • Social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.
  • You can browse on the internet
  • You can download games and play them on your Tablet. 
  • Shop online. 
  • Read on Kindle. 
  • Stream movies on popular streaming services such as Hulu, HBO, Netflix, etc.
  • You can take pictures and videos and also view them.
  • Listen to music. 
  • Open and edit documents.

The only downside that you can find is that you can’t get your work done on your tablet in case your laptop isn’t working. 

What is the Difference Between Fire HD 10 and Fire HD 10 Plus?

Most would think that there is a huge vast difference found in both devices, but they are quite wrong. The only slight difference you can come by is the price and that’s because, with the fire HD 10 one cannot do any multitasking or bulky, and if does it will be slow, work with it unlike with the fire HD 10 plus which you can use as a laptop and do bulky work with the Bluetooth keyboard that can be connected to it. 

The other difference is that the Fire HD 10 Plus is pricey, but not too much. Another thing that comes up is that the Fire HD 10 plus has more RAM than the fire HD 10.  The other thing is that their chargers are not identical as most would assume. 

The last difference is that the Fire HD 10 plus comes in black, olive, lavender, or denim colors, offering more options in terms of color while the Fire HD 10 only comes in a soft-touch slate color e.g. blue. With that in mind, the other features are both found in both devices. 

Both are thin and light to carry with the same weight and dimension. Both offer the new split-screen feature which offers viewing apps side by side for great multitasking. You can access streaming services like Netflix with both tablets. 

Both tablets don’t support Google play. Instead, if you want to download anything, you can use the Amazon App Store which is found within the tablets that will help you download as many apps as you need. 

You can use software like Microsoft or even OneNote with both devices. Both can be used to connect with compatible smart home devices to control them right from your tablet. Both use Alexa voice assistant. They both have in-built speakers, WI-FI and Bluetooth featured. They both have cameras to be used if you want to take pictures or videos.

With all that mentioned, if you are looking for a tablet your whole family can use, the Fire HD 10 is great for that purpose and if you are looking for a tablet you can use on your bed or the sofa for work purposes without reaching for your heavy laptop, the Fire HD 10 plus is it. 


As written above, yes you can get Facebook on the Fire HD 10 tablet and also access other apps. It is not only a great tablet for individuals who just want to own their tablet but also for families. And if you are looking for a tablet then this is a solid choice. 

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