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Can You Get Email on the Fire HD 8?

Last Updated Jan 11, 2022
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The Amazon Fire HD 8 is a versatile tablet, great for playing games, streaming content, and daily use. With 32GB of built-in storage and a micro SD slot for additional storage, it’s a great option at an affordable price. However, finding a tablet that fits all your needs is important. Most people’s primary function of any device is to check email, so you may be wondering if you can get your emails on the Fire HD 8 too.

The Fire HD 8 has a pre-downloaded email app that allows you to sign in to your email account for many email providers. To access the email app, select it on your main screen on the Fire HD 8 and log in to whatever email account you would like to access.

Keep reading to learn more about the Fire HD 8 tablet and accessing email features.

How to Set Up Email on the Fire HD 8

Setting up email on your new Fire HD 8 is simple and can be done in just a few steps:

  1. Unlock your Fire HD 8.
  2. Select the Email App on your home screen.
  3. Enter your Email Address.
  4. Press Next.
  5. Enter your Email Password.
  6. Press Next.
  7. Click on “Go to Inbox.”

With these couple of steps, you will be logged in and have access to your emails on your Fire HD 8.

Can I Be Logged in to Multiple Email Accounts on Fire HD 8?

Most people have more than one email account to manage different types of emails.

The good news is that yes, you can log in to multiple email accounts in the Amazon Email App and easily switch between email accounts. Simply open the left sidebar menu and select “Add Account” to log in to a new email account while still keeping access to any other emails accounts that are already logged in.

This feature makes it easy to log in to any email account you may need to access, so you don’t have to choose one account for your Fire HD 8 Tablet.

Are There Other Email Apps Available on Fire HD 8?

Not all email apps are accessible from the Amazon app store, but there are a couple of well-known options. Yahoo Mail and Microsoft Outlook are the two big email apps. Google also has an app for amazon tablets. The app Search + allows you to access your Gmail account, as well as Google Search, Google Maps, YouTube, and YouTube music.

Several 3rd party email apps available in the App Store on the Fire HD 8 claim to allow you to log into your email, but use caution when downloading and providing personal information such as email and passwords to 3rd party apps. These apps are not made by Amazon and often have many negative reviews, and do not have your safety as their top priority.

Sticking to known apps such as Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Outlook, and Search+, along with the Email app that comes pre-downloaded, will help keep your information safe.

Can I Check My Email in Amazon Silk?

Amazon Silk is Amazon’s web browser for their tablets and other android devices.

You can check your email in Amazon Silk by navigating to your email provider’s home page, such as, and logging into your email. This is a great option if you need to quickly check an email you don’t use regularly or if you prefer your email provider’s specific functionality over the Amazon Email app.

While you could check your email primarily in Amazon Silk, you would most likely have to log in each time, where using the Amazon Email app will keep you logged in to your email accounts for easy access.

Can I Check My Email in Other Browsers on the Fire HD 8?

You will be unable to check your email in other browsers on the Fire HD 8 because Amazon’s Silk Web Browser is the only official web browser for the device. You also cannot download Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer through the Amazon app store.


The Amazon Fire HD 8 is a great tablet option for various users. You can easily access your email through the Amazon Email app or the Amazon Silk web browser. While you are limited on email apps and other web browsers, Amazon has optimized its Email app and Silk Web browser to work best with its tablets.