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Can You Get Email On Kindle Oasis

Last Updated May 14, 2022

The Kindle Oasis is a great tablet to use for reading, note-taking, and browsing the web. It has a sleek design, warm light, and intuitive user interface. This is a very popular e-reader on the market today. Some people want to use the Kindle Oasis for more than just reading books. These people often ask, can you get an email on Kindle Oasis?

You can receive emails on the Kindle Oasis. You need to link the account you want email to work with to the Kindle Oasis either through its interface or a third-party app. Once this is set up, you can receive emails and upload the books you grab from the library.

The technological advancement that the Kindle provides for email books is amazing. It is super simple to use. It may not be clear to some users how it works. Read on to learn more about this email capability and how it benefits Kindle users.

Manage Your Email

Although a user can use the Kindle Oasis to get an email, it may be hard to figure out how to set the device up properly. Before throwing caution to the wind and playing with the settings for hours, stop and take a moment to follow these simple instructions:

  1. Go to “Manage Your Content and Devices”
  2. Tap “Preferences”
  3. Tap “Personal Document Settings”
  4. Find “Approved Personal Document Email List” and review the email addresses listed
  5. If the email you want is not listed, choose “Add a new approved e-mail address”
  6. Type in the address you want to use
  7. Tap “Add address”

This is a great way to make it so a book that is borrowed at the library can go from an email address straight to the Kindle Oasis Kindle Library. The only setback is a maximum file size of 25 MB for files. If the book that the user selects is larger, they will need to download it to the Kindle Oasis in a different way.

Even though there are things you can do on your Kindle Oasis without WiFi, you’ll still need internet access to be able to download your favorite books and sync your email.

Kindle Provides you With a Personal Email Address

When you sign up for the Kindle and Kindle Unlimited, Amazon will automatically create a personal Kindle email account for you to use. This email allows e-books from other platforms to be loaded onto the Kindle Library to read. These can be books that are bought off competitors’ websites, gifted, or are borrowed from a library. 

The email that is assigned to the user is relatively standard. It typically looks like the username associated with the Amazon account used to log into the Kindle Oasis, followed by

This tells the Kindle that this email is authorized, and it can accept e-book files and download them onto its system.

What E-book Formats are Compatible With Kindle Email?

Users who know about this feature love it. It gives them the ability to borrow books from all over with the ease of an email. Before going out to the library to download and borrow many e-books, it is important to know which formats will actually work with the Kindle email. Read below to find out which ones are compatible and where you will find them:

Compatible FormatHow it is Typically Used
.AZWThis file is commonly used with Amazon Kindle e-books.
.BMPThis is a Bitmap image that is used to make high-quality printable photos.
.DOCThis file is most commonly used with Microsoft word documents.
.DOCXThis file is used with newer versions of Microsoft Word documents.
.EPUBThis file type is used for publisher documents and creations.
.GIFThis is a bite-sized movie/animated file that memes typically use.
.HTMThis is a form of website script used to program website information.
.HTMLThis is also a form of website script used to program website information.
.JPEGThis is a common high-quality photo file type.
.JPGThis is also a high-quality photo file type that is easy to print.
.MOBIThis is a common Amazon Kindle e-book file type.
.PDFThis is the file type that is produced from Adobe Acrobat when a document is converted to an uneditable format.
.PNGThese files are used to overlap images or in videos.
.RTFThis is also known as rich text format, which provides a file the ability to be read on almost any document processor.
.TXTThis is a file that contains plain text only. Similar to the text found in the notebook function on a Windows OS computer.

All of these files are compatible with the Kindle Oasis. This is such a convenient feature because almost any type of text or e-book can be read on this device without the worry of it not being compatible.

Download and Get Reading

Due to this fantastic technology, as soon as a user downloads a book on Amazon, it is automatically delivered, and they can begin reading. This is a quick and convenient way to read books anywhere WiFi is available. So one-click that book you’ve been eyeing, and sit back and enjoy the story.