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Can You Get Apple TV on Roku Ultra?

Last Updated Jul 6, 2022
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As one of the most popular streaming channels, it is rather common for new Roku users to wonder if they can access Apple TV on the streaming device.

Roku Ultra has over four thousand apps with different contents to stream from each, and Apple TV is one of these.

Read on to discover how you can add an Apple TV channel to your Roku ultra and get access to movies and series there. Also, we’ll briefly examine the difference between Apple TV and Apple TV+, as this is often a source of confusion.

Is Apple TV on Roku Ultra?

The Roku Ultra is probably the streaming device with the highest number of channels or apps you can stream from. It had over four thousand! Apps leave you spoilt for choice. Of course, it would be quite fantastic for it to have so many channels and not feature Apple TV, a so popular channel.

How to Get Apple TV on Roku Ultra

Apple TV is one of the many apps you have access to when you get a Roku ultra. To use the channel on your Ultra, you first have to install the Apple TV app.

There are two ways you can add Apple TV to your Roku ultra. The first is:

  • Press the home button on your Roku remote
  • Scroll to Streaming Channels and select it to open the Channel Store
  • Go to Search Channels
  • Input Apple in the search bar and select Apple TV when it shows up
  • Select Add Channel and wait for the app to be installed.
  • When this is done, press OK
  • Go back to the home menu
  • Go to the list of installed channels, and you will find Apple TV there

The second way to install Apple TV is by going to the Roku channels website in a web browser or your Roku app. Login to your Roku account and select Apple TV in the list of apps. After adding the channel, you will find the channel in the list of installed apps.

How to Sign in to Apple TV

Having Apple TV installed alone isn’t enough to access content on the channel. You have to sign in to the Apple TV channel, and to do this; you need an Apple ID.

  • Go to the installed Apple TV channel and launch it
  • Select settings
  • Select Accounts and go to Sign in.

There are two ways you can sign in–one is by signing in on a mobile device, and the other is by signing in from the TV itself. To use the first option, go to and input the code displayed on the TV or scan the QR code there. You can then follow the instructions shown to finish signing in. Alternatively, using the other option only involves entering your Apple ID on the TV screen using your remote.

Of course, if you do not have an Apple ID, you have to create one to continue the process. The way to create an Apple ID is somewhat similar to signing in. The difference is that rather than going to Sign in directly, you first create the Apple ID using the code or QR code on your computer screen.

How to Stream Movies and Shows from Apple TV

After logging in, you can now enjoy the contents of Apple TV on your Roku ultra. You can select a category to search through available content. To check the content that you already have on your Roku Ultra, Select Library. To find content that you don’t have on your Roku, go to Search and input what you’re looking for.

After finding the content you want, select Buy or Rent. To complete your purchase, you might have to re-enter your Apple ID. When this is done, you can enjoy your media.

What is Apple TV + and How is it Different From Apple TV?

People often confuse Apple TV with Apple TV+, as it would seem that the only difference between them is that one has a plus sign in front of it. However, this is not so. Apple TV+ is. Streaming service by Apple that features exclusive movies, documentaries, series and shows made by Apple. On the other hand, Apple TV is an app where you can buy or rent movies and series.

If you have an Apple TV+ subscription, you can access all content on Apple TV. You have to buy or rent to get access if you don’t. Apple TV is also used as a term for Apple TV media players, a series of streaming devices that give you access to a wide array of content.


There are numerous Channels on Roku Ultra for you to stream from, with these Channels running into over four thousand. These include Netflix, Apple TV, Roku channel, and many more. By installing the Apple TV app and logging in with your Apple ID, you can get access to Apple TV content on Roku Ultra. The process? Easy!

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