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Can You Get A New Remote For An Insignia TV?

Last Updated Mar 18, 2022

It has been a long day, and you’re simply looking to sit down and watch your favorite Netflix show. Favorite snack in hand, and you reach for the remote. It’s not there. You start searching for it when you look over, and your new puppy has a guilty face like no other. It’s time for a new remote for your Insignia TV.

Yes, you can get a new remote for an Insignia TV regardless of the age or model of the TV, and there are many options available for you. Not all remotes are compatible with all models of Insignia TVs.

Before you decide to purchase a new remote, you have a few decisions to make, as not all models are compatible with all remotes. Getting the wrong one may mean not all features will be usable on your television, and you’ll likely end up getting a different remote shortly after that.

Choosing a New Remote for Your Insignia TV

Before you get started, you have to decide whether you’re going to purchase a straight one-for-one replacement for your Insignia remote or if you are going to buy a generic universal remote—your level of comfort with programming a remote and your needs as a user.

There are advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a direct replacement or generic universal remote, and many factors should go into your decision, which are discussed here.

Universal or Insignia?

Before you start looking for your replacement remote for your Insignia TV, you have first to take inventory of the other equipment you have beyond your TV. Do you have home theater equipment? Is there a set-top box for cable or satellite TV, DVD player, or any other equipment you may want to control with the remote? 

Pay very close attention to equipment that may be a little older such as a VCR, older set-top boxes, and equalizers. If you have older equipment, this may get a little more complicated. Anything beyond 7-10 years of age, and you will have to pay specific attention to the compatibility of your remote choice to your existing equipment. 

If your TV is newer, you may not be able to control your other equipment with a direct Insignia replacement remote and should instead seriously consider a new universal remote.

Controlling all of your equipment with one remote may not be something you are interested in, and if that is the case, then it will simply come down to the price and compatibility with all of your television’s features.

Some other things you can do are purchase a device such as a Fire Stick or download an app on your phone to control your TV from your smartphone.

Direct Replacement of Your Remote 

If you decide that you simply want a direct replacement of your remote, you need to find the model number of your remote and your television. Most Insignia TVs have their model number written on the nameplate on the back of your TV. 

Of course, if you’re like millions of people worldwide and have your TV mounted on your wall, you may not want to take it down to find the model number. At that point, you have four options to find it.

  1. You can simply take the TV down. This is not recommended for obvious reasons. There are easier ways to find the model number. 
  2. Look for your receipt for the TV. You may have purchased it online, and the receipt was emailed to you. Search your email, and you’ll find the model number.
  3. Most Insignia TVs will have their model number listed in the “About” selection in their menu options on your TV. If your remote is not working, you can use the manual buttons, usually located on the side or bottom of the TV, to bring up the menu and scroll through the options.
  4. Don’t look for the TV model number, but instead look for the remote model. Open the battery compartment of your remote then look for the model number on the inside of the battery compartment door to reveal a number that begins with RCR, RC, RM, or RCU. Instead of your TV model number, use this model to find your remote replacement. 

Once you find your Insignia remote or TV model, you can find the replacement by searching directly for the model number. Be aware that many of the older remotes have been retired or replaced and you may have to find the model number that replaced it.

Universal Remotes are Not Created Equal

Most people will opt to purchase a universal remote instead of a direct replacement of their existing remote because they are less expensive, offer options the original remote didn’t have, and will undoubtedly be able to control all of your other devices.

It will very much come down to deciding whether the remote you are about to purchase will support the features of your TV as well as your other electronics. Small details such as the “menu” button functioning as the “play” button are common pitfalls to look out for.

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