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Can You Get A New Remote For A TCL TV?

Last Updated Feb 16, 2022
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Today’s TVs come with a welter of functions and features, and powerful remotes control all of them. Therefore, it is unimaginable for most people to sit in front of a TV without a remote. Now, you have a TCL TV, and you have recently lost your remote. Can you get a replacement remote? Will it be a third-party remote, or is an original one available for purchase?

Generally, replacement remotes are available from third-party manufacturers for all TCL TVs, whether Roku or Android-based. Users of TCL Roku TVs can also purchase the official Roku Voice Remote in place of their factory-provided remotes.

There are many replacement remotes that you can find for TCL TVs. You will also be delighted to know that you can fully control your TCL TV even without a remote. Stay tuned because we shall go over every solution to your problem.

Can I Replace My TCL Remote?

There are several types of replacement remotes for TCL Smart TVs. All TCL Roku TVs are compatible with the official Roku Voice Remote, and most of them will work with unofficial universal replacement remotes. However, official replacement remotes for TCL Android TVs are not available.

You can find some viable options for a TCL replacement remote below.

LOUTOC Universal Replacement for TCL Roku TV Remote 

This product claims to be 100% identical to an original TCL Roku TV remote. It has an 8-meter range and a 0.2-second response time. You will be getting 2 (AAA) batteries as part of the package, and the remote does not require any configuring from your side.

Before purchasing it, ensure that it is compatible with your TCL TV. However, you cannot use this remote with a Roku player or streaming device; it only works with a Roku-based smart TV.

The Official Roku Voice Remote 

With a built-in microphone and dedicated shortcut buttons for your favorite channels, this option is probably the one you will want to go for, as it brings you the ultimate convenience and reliability. It may be a little more expensive than third-party replacement remotes, but that is a small price to pay for its originality.

Angrox Remote Control for All TCL Roku Smart LED TVs 

This remote is almost the same as the LOUTOC, but it has a little more range at 10-meters. It is also only for controlling Roku TVs and not any other Roku device.

Replacement Voice Remote for TCL Android TV by ENWShop

This product features voice control, which you can bring up using the Google button after the remote has paired up with your TV. It supports a wide variety of TCL Android TVs and is available with and without a number pad.

Voice Remote for Android-based TCL TVs by ZdalaMit 

Like the ENWShop remote, this product will work with most Android TVs of today. To pair it with your Android-based TCL TV, press and hold the OK and Back buttons together for about 10 seconds.

How Can I Use TCL TV Without Remote?

Users can turn TCL TVs ON and OFF using physical buttons beneath the screen when a remote is unavailable. Certain apps that function as complete remote controls are available for Android and iOS phones, and they work with both Roku and Android-based TCL TVs.

To use your phone as a TCL Roku TV remote control, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that your phone and TV are both connected to the same wireless network.
  2. Download the official Roku – Official Remote Control app from the Play Store or the iTunes store.
  3. Open the app and log into your Roku account. You may have to agree to some terms and conditions in this step.
  4. Tap Devices from the bottom bar of the app.
  5. Your TCL TV should now appear on the screen.
  6. Select Remote on this screen to open up the Remote Control interface.

The official Roku app will also let you control other Roku devices apart from your TV. If you want, you can also get an unofficial app called TCLee that works as a remote control for your TCL Roku TV.

If your TCL TV runs on the Android OS, there is no official app for you to control your TV, but there are several third-party apps you can try.

For further info on how to run your TCL TV, go here.


Finding a new remote for your TCL TV can be tricky, but you should not worry because you do not need one to control all the functions. Even though they may seem daunting at first, dedicated smartphone applications and voice control features are the best substitutes for your remote control.

So make yourself at home with these solutions and forget old-fashioned remote controls. Your visit here today is sure to have made you well-informed and grateful. So come back for more tips regarding smart TVs and remote control systems when you need them.

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