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Can You Download Games On Fire HD 8?

Last Updated Jan 4, 2022
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The Fire HD 8 is an affordable and yet versatile tablet that lets you watch your favorite shows, surf the web, type up documents, and much more, all while on the go. But can you download games on the Fire HD 8? This question will be answered in the sections below.

There are a few ways to download games on the Fire HD 8. You can find games on the Amazon Appstore, Google Play, or download them from third-party websites that you trust. Amazon’s cloud gaming platform, Luna, is also available on the Fire HD 8.

Is the Fire HD 8 any good for gaming? Not only will you learn how to download games on the Fire HD 8 below, but you’ll also find out just how good it is for playing games.

How Do You Download Games On The Fire HD 8?

Downloading games on the Fire HD 8 is simple. In the sections below, you’ll learn how to find games on your Fire HD 8.

Amazon App Store

You can download all the apps and games you need from the Amazon App store. The app is shown on your Home Screen as an icon that says “apps” above the classic Amazon smile logo. Underneath this are the words “Appstore.”

Once you navigate to the Appstore, downloading games is easy:

  • Type the name of the game you want into the search bar.
  • Or, navigate to the categories tab to find new games.
  • To download a game, simply press the “Get” button on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • Your privacy and security settings may require you to enter a passcode to download games.

Google Play

You can also download the Google Play app onto your Fire Tablet. As is the case with the Amazon Store, you’ll be able to search for desired games or discover new ones via the categories tab.

Can You Download A Game Not In The App Store?

You can download games from third-party websites onto your Fire HD 8 Tablet. However, before starting, you must alter the security settings to allow downloads from third-party websites.

To allow third-party websites to download games:

  1. Go to “Settings.”
  2. Navigate to “Security” and then “Apps from Unknown Sources.”
  3. Touch to allow apps from unknown sources.

Now you will be able to download games and other apps from third-party websites on the Silk web browser. It’s important to note that you can change the default search engine in the browser settings if need be.

Amazon Luna

You can also play games on Amazon Luna, a cloud gaming platform that gives you access to an entire library of games. You will have to pay a subscription fee and purchase the necessary equipment.

The advantage of Luna is that it provides a much more substantial inventory of games than either of the app stores, some of which can be played on both a Fire tablet and a laptop/pc.

Is The Fire HD 8 Good For Gaming?

Below you’ll see how well the Fire HD 8 can handle both gaming and daily tasks. There is the option to upgrade from a standard Fire HD 8 to the 64GB version of the Plus. Serious gamers should at least consider making the upgrade, for the reasons discussed below. The important stats of the Fire HD 8 you’ll need to know include:

Digital Storage Capacity32GB or 64GB
Processor Speed2.0 GHz

Up To 64GB Of Digital Storage Capacity

The standard version of the Fire HD 8 tablet comes with 32GB of storage space, but for a slight price increase, you can make the upgrade to the 64GB edition. You also receive up to 1 TB of storage with a microSD card.

How much storage space do games take on the Fire tablet? Well, the memory demands of the average phone game have risen from 264 MB in 2016 to 465 MB in 2021.

So it’s nice to have the option to purchase more storage space not just for downloading games and apps, but also for storing files and media.

2GB of RAM

The Fire HD 8 comes with 2GB of computer random access memory (RAM). Generally, 2-4 GB is considered more than adequate for phones and tablets. However, some phones are on the market with as much as 8GB of RAM.

The Fire HD 8 is certainly sufficient for playing basic games from the App Store. If you’re a little bit more of a serious gamer, you might consider the advantages of an Amazon Luna subscription.

The Fire HD Plus 8 is an upgrade with 3GB of RAM. The enhanced functionality of this tablet can make the upgrade well worth it for those who game.

Processing Speed of 2.0 GHz

Processing speeds of 3-4 GHz are typically recommended for serious gaming. Still, the 2.0 GHz that the Fire HD 8 has to offer should certainly be enough for basic games from the App Store and should be adequate for most games on Amazon Luna.

Luna Cloud Gaming Controller Option

If you buy a Fire HD 8 tablet, you will have the option to bundle it with a Luna Cloud Gaming Controller. This allows you to play games from the cloud on your Fire HD 8 tablet.

Screen Size

Some may find the 8″ screen of the tablet to be on the small side, especially if you are playing games on Luna. The good news is that you can enjoy all of the same features on the larger screen of the Fire HD 10.

Final Thoughts

You can download games on your Fire HD 8 via Google Play or Amazon app stores. Games that play much more like a game on your PC or gaming console can be played on Amazon’s cloud-gaming platform Luna, which is available on the Fire HD 8 with additional purchase.