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Can You Download Apps On Kindle Oasis? (Plus Alternatives)

Last Updated Apr 29, 2022
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When it comes to choosing an e-reader, there is no shortage of options! These handy devices have become the most popular way to hold thousands of books in your hand, and the Kindle Oasis, which was released in 2019, has certainly become a fan favorite. If you are thinking about purchasing this option or already have one, you may be curious: can you download apps on the Kindle Oasis?

You cannot download apps on a Kindle Oasis. Although some consumers find this disappointing, it’s important to note that there are several alternatives that simply require a few extra steps in order to access the options that apps provide.

If you want to learn a little more about the Kindle Oasis, and specifically, how to get the most out of the device, even without the availability to download apps, this is exactly the article you were looking for! We are going to go through everything this e-reader has to offer, as well as how to use it. 

Can You Download Apps on Kindle Oasis?

As you now know, unfortunately, you cannot download apps on Kindle Oasis. The Amazon library, which is built-in to the device, technically offers everything you need in order to access thousands of titles. You can search for a specific title or browse through the many sections to find your next favorite read. 

Many of these books are free, while others require a purchase. Once they are downloaded, you can read them anywhere anytime, even when you are not connected to WiFi. 

You may be wondering, why would I need an app if the library has everything I need? Well, while the library does have most every book you could want, some consumers prefer using a public library app in order to access discounted titles. 

Luckily, even though the Kindle Oasis does not offer an app store, you can still access other “library apps” and we’re going to find out how right now! 

How to Access Apps on your Kindle Oasis

If there is a book that you cannot access on the Amazon library on your Kindle Oasis, there is a way to download it from another smart device such as your laptop or phone. 

There are two different popular tactics to use including Overdrive or simply sending them in PDF format via your email. So let’s step through each option now so you can get back to reading! 


Using the Overdrive app or website on your phone or laptop is a convenient, although slightly time-consuming, way to send books from your public library or any other apps which allow for downloads from your smartphone to your Kindle Oasis. 

Here’s what you need to know: 

  • You can either download the Overdrive app or visit the website,
  • From there, you can access the Kindle Books section and choose the one you would like to read. 
  • Select BORROW and sign into your library. 
  • If prompted to do so, select a lending period, then click BORROW again. 
  • You will then be directed to sign on to your Amazon account. 
  • Ensure that you have selected the Kindle Oasis where you want to send the book. 
  • Then select GET LIBRARY BOOK. 

It’s important to note that your Kindle Oasis and your smart device both need to be connected to the same WiFi network in order for this process to work. If you are not connected to WiFi, you will need to use a USB to manually connect the two devices. 


Using your email to send PDF downloads of your favorite titles may be the easiest way to get books onto your Kindle Oasis that the Amazon library doesn’t provide. 

The first step of the process is to find out what your Kindle Oasis email is. To do so, you can sign in to your Amazon on your laptop or smartphone on

From there, you can follow these simple instructions: 

  • Navigate to the ACCOUNT section. 
  • Then click on the toggle MANAGE DEVICES. 
  • In the drop-down window, select the name of your Kindle Oasis. 

Within the Kindle’s summary, you will find the email address ( and you can change the name to one that is easy to remember. 

Then, at the top of the page, select PERSONAL DOCUMENT SETTINGS. You will then navigate to the section titled APPROVED PERSONAL DOCUMENT E-LIST. You should see your email listed here, if you need to change it to another email, there is an option to do so. 

Once you have downloaded a PDF to your smart device, you will simply send it as an attachment to your Kindle Oasis email! You will now be able to find the book in the library of your Kindle.

Remember, in order for this process to function properly, your Kindle Oasis needs to be connected to WiFi.

Final Thoughts

Now you know that even though the Kindle Oasis does not offer an app store, and therefore you cannot download apps onto the device itself, you can still access books that are not in the Amazon library by using the Overdrive website or app on your smart device or through your Kindle email!

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