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Can You Connect Multiple Nest Audios?

Last Updated Jan 30, 2022
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Using a smart home speaker such as the Nest Audio can make a big difference in your daily life. You can command one of these little devices to control the many other tech devices in your home, listen to your favorite audio entertainment, and so much more. But you may want to know, can you connect multiple Nest Audios in order to be able to enjoy them throughout your home, not just in one room?

You can connect multiple Nest Audios by either using multi-room control or stereo sound pairing. Once you have created speaker groups or connected all the speakers in your home, you will be able to control them, listen to your favorite audio and move the entertainment from one speaker to another.

In this article, we are going to go through the step-by-step directions in order to connect your various Nest Audios, how to control them, and of course, how to disconnect them if necessary. We have everything you need to know about connecting your multiple Nest Audios.

How to Connect Multiple Nest Audios

Now that you know that you certainly can connect multiple Nest Audios, it’s important to note there are several ways to connect them, and they each offer different connectivity features.

In fact, you can use these instructions to connect to other Google hubs as well such as the Nest Mini, Google Home Max, and more.

Before we go through the directions of how to connect your Nest Audios or other Google hubs, let’s discuss the various options that are available to use.

  • Pair the speakers using stereo sound, with this tactic, only two speakers can be connected.
  • Create speaker groups.
  • Enable multi-room control.

Now, let’s step through how to use these connection options!

Use Stereo Sound to Pair Two Speakers

Stereo sound is a feature that Google provides that allows you to enjoy your audio entertainment with two speakers to enhance the sound volume in any room of your house.

In order to use stereo sound to pair two Nest Audio smart home speakers, you will need to ensure both speakers are the same model, that they are located in the same room, and that they are both connected to the same WiFi network.

From there, simply follow the steps listed below:

  • If you have not already set up both speakers on the Google Home app, you should do so now. If you’re not sure how to, just follow these instructions Google has provided.
  • Then, open the Google Home app again and tap on one of the speakers.
  • On the top right corner select SETTINGS, then AUDIO.
  • Navigate to STEREO PAIR, then click NEXT.
  • Select the two speakers you want to pair.
  • Click NEXT, then both speakers will portray flashing lights and the screen will prompt you to choose a LEFT and RIGHT speaker.
  • Click NEXT once again.
  • The screen will ask “Where is your pair?” Select the room which you are in.
  • Create a name for your speaker pair and click DONE.

Now, the pair will appear as a single unit in order for you to control via the app or with voice commands.

Create Speaker Groups

This tactic is similar but you can actually group several speaker systems together including two Nest Audios, your TV, and other Nest devices as well.

To accomplish this, simply select the “+” icon on the top left corner of the screen and then select CREATE SPEAKER GROUP.

You will be able to add multiple of your already set up devices and give them a name. From there, you can control the entire speaker group by saying commands such as “Hey Google, play music on downstairs speakers” or “Okay Google, set all speakers to volume 40.”

Enable Multi-Room Control

Similarly to creating speaker groups, you can easily connect several speakers by simply enabling multi-room control but this time with just one easy step.

Open the Google Home app, select MEDIA, select the current Nest Audio that you are using, and compatible devices will appear. Now just click the options you would like to connect.

That’s it! They will now all be controllable through one voice command.

How to Disconnect Paired Devices, Speaker Groups, or Multi-Room Control

It’s important to note that once you have used one of these tactics to connect your various Nest Audios, if you want to disconnect them, you will have to once again access your Google Home app and follow the steps provided by Google to do so.

Luckily, Google offers step by step instructions on their support site.


Now you not only know that you certainly can connect multiple Nest Audios, but also how to do so, and even how to disconnect them!

So you can start enjoying room or even house filling sound from your various smart home speakers immediately!

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