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Can You Connect Infant Optics to a Phone or Two?

Last Updated Jul 16, 2022
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A baby monitor allows parents to take care of household tasks while still keeping an eye on their child. Some parents connect their baby monitors to their phones, allowing them to check in on their children even when they aren’t home. Infant Optics is a popular baby monitor brand, so many wonder if it’s possible to connect an Infant Optics baby monitor to a phone? 

It is not possible to connect an Infant Optics baby monitor to any phone. This is because these monitors do not have their own WiFi connection. Since there’s no way to connect the monitor to the internet, you cannot connect it to a phone. 

While this may be disappointing to some, there are many good reasons why Infant Optics decided to keep their monitors on a closed system. Keep reading to learn why this is actually beneficial!  

Can You Connect an Infant Optics Baby Monitor to a Phone? 

We live in a world where we are constantly on the move. The same goes for parents of infants. While their baby is resting, parents often have other responsibilities to take care of, around the house and otherwise.

Parents who wish to check in on their children when they leave them with a family member or babysitter often connect their monitor cameras to their smartphones. Unfortunately, this is not a possibility with Infant Optics baby monitors

Infant Optics does not work with WiFi. Since there’s no way to connect your device to the internet, there’s no way to send the video feed to your smartphone.

Although these monitors cannot connect to a wireless network, they still work well at longer distances. They can even be used seamlessly in large homes with thick walls. The reception between the parent unit and the camera always remains strong. 

Infant Optics does the primary job of a baby monitor well. These monitors allow you to check on your child while they are resting or playing in their room, allowing you to rest or take care of household tasks. 

Why Don’t Infant Optics Baby Monitors Include WiFi?

Our lives are connected to the internet in every way nowadays. How we communicate, navigate the road, find answers to our questions, and everything in between is done online. 

For this reason, some parents believe it makes sense to use the internet to stay connected to their children at work or doing other activities away from home. But, there are a few reasons why not having this option could be a good thing:

  • Price range
  • Hacking possibilities
  • Avoiding glitches and bugs

Below, we will discuss each of these reasons in more detail. 

The Price Range 

Infant Optics is not necessarily a “flashy” brand. These are products created with function in mind for all types of parents. Even the DXR-8 Pro, one of the most advanced monitors available from Infant Optics, will not break the bank. These products are an incredible value for the money. 

If they were to add all the bells and whistles, many of which are not necessary for most parents, it would drive up the price. As a result, many of the users who love the product might not be able to afford it. 

Hacking Possibilities 

Safety is one of the biggest reasons why Infant Optics baby monitors are incompatible with WiFi. We have all seen those shows. The baby is sleeping soundly, and someone is watching them over a monitor, but it isn’t the parents. 

The scary thing is that this is not just a story device. It is something that can happen in real life. When a baby monitor is connected to WiFi, it is theoretically possible for hackers to get into the system and use the cameras connected to the baby monitor to spy on the family. With Infant Optics, there is no risk of this happening.

Avoiding Glitches and Bugs

Although the internet has made our lives wildly convenient, it has also made things more susceptible to glitches and bugs. A few apps can connect to a WiFi-enabled baby monitor system, but not all the features on each app are compatible with all baby monitor systems.

When compatibility issues arise, it can create bugs and glitches. It’s irritating at best when things don’t work as they should, but some parents will downright panic when their WiFi-enabled baby monitor shows a blank screen while they’re away from home. 

Using Your Infant Optics System

Infant Optics baby monitor systems are created to use in the home, not to check in on your baby while you are out and about. They do not offer WiFi capabilities, meaning you cannot connect your monitor to a smartphone or any device other than the monitors you use in your home.

Although this may be a dealbreaker for some parents, it can help others feel more secure. Minimal features keep Infant Optics baby monitors affordable, secure, and bug-free.