The Google Nest Mini has some great features that allow you to stream content and music from various apps. Most of the Google Nest Mini settings are fully customizable in the Google Home app; one of the settings people would like to change is the voice that responds to you when you give the Nest voice commands.

Users can change the voice of the Google Assistant on the Google Nest Mini. This can be done through the Google Home app or with a voice prompt.

Below, we’ll cover how you can change the voice of the Google Nest Mini in addition to other language and accent options available on the device.

How Do I Change the Voice on Google Nest Mini?

You can change the voice assistant settings either through the Google Home app or through your voice.

To use voice commands, follow the steps below:

  1. Get your phone or smart device and unlock it.
  2. Say, “Hey Google, open Assistant Settings.”
  3. Your phone will automatically open it on your smart device.
  4. Use the Settings page to change the voice.

If you want to use your smart device without voice commands, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Home App.
  2. Select Settings from the main menu; it will look like a gear icon.
  3. Scroll down and select Google Assistant.
  4. Select More Settings.
  5. Choose Assistant from the top menu.
  6. Choose Assistant Voice.

The menu will show all the options available to you along with different colored icons. Clicking the colored icons will let you hear a sample of the voice before you select it. Once you have selected the voice you want, you can close the app. Your Google Nest Mini will now start responding in the new voice every time you give it a voice command.

Keep in mind that changing the voice of Google Assistant is only a feature available in the US. Some people from other regions say that setting their primary language to English (US) will allow them to change the voice.

What Voices Are Available on the Google Nest Mini?

When scrolling through the Assistant voice options, you will see a wide variety of options to pick from. Make sure to hear a sample of each voice before choosing to make sure you can understand it.

There are several different types of voices available to you on the Google Nest Mini:

  • Male and female voices
  • Accents such as British, Australian, and American
  • Celebrity voices, such as John Legend

Not all celebrity voices that you can access are listed. To see if your device can use a specific person’s voice, you can simply say, “Hey Google, talk like <celebrity name>. Your Google Nest will automatically start talking in that celebrity’s voice if it is available.

Different speeds of voices are also available. To make the speed faster or slower, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Home App.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Select Accessibility.
  4. Select Text-to-Speech Output.
  5. Slide the slider up and down to your preferred speed.
  6. Select Play to hear a sample before choosing.

How Do I Change the Language on My Google Nest Mini?

To access some of the accents and voices available, you may need to change the language of your Google Nest first.

Follow these steps to change the language:

  1. Open the Google Home App.
  2. Select the Settings gear icon.
  3. Select Google Assistant.
  4. Select Languages.
  5. Tap Choose a New Language. This will change the primary language.
  6. To add another language, tap Add a Language.

Adding another language will keep the primary language and just add a second one. This is especially helpful for bilingual households. With two languages, people will be able to speak to the Google Nest in both languages.

The Google Nest will also be able to respond in both languages. Most Minis have the following languages available:

  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Dutch
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
  • Spanish

Languages and accents will sometimes vary depending on the Google Nest Mini you own and the region you are in. For a full list of languages and the regions that can be accessed, check this guide.

In Summary

Changing the voice on your Google Nest Mini can make your device feel more relatable. Use the Google Home App to access Settings, then Assistant, then Assistant Voice. Scroll through all your options and click on the colored icon to sample each voice before choosing one.