Can You Call Spectrum to Lower Your Bill?

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The world is quickly becoming a global village, thanks to the internet. However, the journey to a smooth and seamless internet experience can be compromised when your internet service provider hikes your monthly cost without warning. If you use Spectrum as your internet service provider, you may be wondering if you can call customer service to lower your bill.

Users can call Spectrum with the goal of lowering their bills. Instead of trekking to a Spectrum store, you can find the customer service number on their website and talk to a representative about different ways to lower your bill.

Below, we will discuss a few reasons why your Spectrum bill may increase and techniques for negotiating your monthly rate. Keep reading to learn how to stop paying sky-high internet service prices!

Reasons Your Spectrum Bill May Increase

A rise in your monthly internet service rate does not happen by chance. There are several reasons why Spectrum may increase your rate with little to no warning. Some of these reasons include:

  • A service upgrade
  • The end of a promotion
  • Spectrum’s deliberate act

Below, we will discuss each of these reasons in more detail.

Service Upgrade

When Spectrum and other internet service providers upgrade their services, the faster service comes at a price. This can result in an increase in service charges or the price of your monthly internet access. While Spectrum will usually inform customers about service upgrades in advance, it may come as a surprise if you don’t carefully read your statements or check your Spectrum newsletters.

The End of a Promotion

Most internet service providers (ISPs) offer an introductory rate to new customers to entice more people to sign up. Spectrum may offer you an attractive, affordable introductory rate as a newbie. However, after a while, your bill will revert to the typical higher rate that long-time customers pay. This may come with certain perks, but costs will be higher.

Spectrum’s Deliberate Act

There is no doubt that Spectrum provides one of the fastest internet services on the market. However, many users complain about how the company increases internet service rates by more than 10-80% over time. In some cases, this is done without the user’s express permission.

In cases like these, should the user just fold their arms and do nothing? Or should they call Spectrum and ask them to lower their rates? Below, we will discuss exactly how you can accomplish the latter.

Calling Spectrum to Negotiate Your Bill

If you’ve become dissatisfied with the price you’re paying each month for internet access, one of the best ways to reduce your Spectrum bill is to negotiate over the phone. By placing the right call through to the right channel, you can negotiate your way back to your previous rate. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Prepare to negotiate
  • Place the call
  • Ask about promotions and deals for existing customers
  • Remove unnecessary services from your plan
  • Reduce your equipment fees

Now, let’s go into more detail and best practices for each step.

Prepare to Negotiate

This may sound cliché, but a successful negotiation is close to impossible without proper preparation. Being mentally and physically ready for the call will save you a lot of stress. Sit in quiet a room free of distractions and make sure you have the following information ready:

  • The rate you opted in for
  • The phone number registered with your account
  • Any security information you used during sign-up
  • The price and speed offered by competing internet providers
  • The name and phone number of your local Spectrum representative

You may not need all this information during the call, but it’s best to have it on hand so you’re prepared no matter what happens.

Place the Call

Knowing the right person to call is as important as the call itself. The correct number to call may vary by location, but all the important numbers can be found on Spectrum’s website. Contact the sales department, then request that they connect you to the retention department if necessary.

Ask About Promotions and Deals for Existing Customers

This is where you express your displeasure with the internet price you’re currently being charged. As much as you want to be heard, remember to remain polite and courteous. This way, the attendant will be able to understand your complaints fully.

Ask them to explain the reasons for the sudden increase in charges, then provide you with a detailed explanation of other plans for existing customers. This will open you to a myriad of options to choose from.

Remove Unnecessary Services from Your Plan

Once Spectrum upgrades your plan, they introduce new services that you may be unaware of. To reduce your spending, ask that they eliminate anything you don’t necessarily want or need. This might include a cable TV package or home phone service. Eliminating unwanted services is arguably the easiest way to reduce your Spectrum bill.

Reduce Your Equipment Fees

When new users sign up for Spectrum service, they are often promised a “free modem.” This is true to an extent. However, you cannot connect your modem to the internet without a WiFi router. Spectrum then offers to lease you a router at a small monthly or annual cost, which is added to your bill.

The logical solution is to return the router and purchase your own. Although there is an upfront cost involved in purchasing your own router, doing so will automatically deduct recurring equipment rental fees from your Spectrum bill.


Anytime you notice an increase in your Spectrum bill, the best thing to do is to place a call to the sales department and ask them about ways to lower your monthly payments. It might take a few minutes, but the cost savings are worth it.

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