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Can You Answer Nest Hello On An Apple Watch?

Last Updated Aug 22, 2022
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For those who want to stay connected without missing visitors at their front door, Nest Hello is the perfect video doorbell. However, there has been some confusion about how Nest Hello works with Apple products. Nobody wants to buy a smart home device that isn’t compatible with their favorite home security device. So, does the Nest Hello work with the Apple Watch

The Nest Hello Video Doorbell will let you answer using the Apple Watch if combined with the Watch Cam For Nest Home app. However, this app does not support the newest Hello Doorbells released in 2021. 

While the Watch Cam For Nest Home app is helpful, it isn’t the solution. There are other ways to use your Nest Hello Doorbell with your Apple Watch using HomeKit, and we’ve done our research to present the best solution we’ve found for you! Find out how to connect these two devices using the HomeBridge Hub and get them working together!

Is There Another Way To Connect The Nest Home To HomeKit? 

Nest products are a great addition to any home, especially their home security line. Nest products use the simple Nest app to function and are mostly compatible with mainstream voice assistant services. Unfortunately, HomeKit is not compatible with home assistants. This may lead you to wonder, is there a way to connect a Nest product to HomeKit?

While there is no direct way to connect to HomeKit with a Nest product, you can still accomplish a connection through the HomeBridge option. Homebridge is an independent platform that imitates the iOS API. This will create a bridge between the Apple product and the Nest product.

This option is a convenient way to enjoy your Nest Hello on the Apple Watch. Although they are not considered mainstream options, they work well. It is important to note that using third-party hubs always poses a risk regarding security, but the hub works hard to prevent such risks. Keep reading to learn how to connect them below.  

How To Connect Using A HomeBridge Hub

Before connecting your Nest Hello Doorbell to HomeKit, you will need to make sure that you have connected your Nest Hello Doorbell to your Google Nest account, as well as making sure that your new doorbell is connected to your home WiFi before beginning the process of using the HomeBridge Hub to connect to HomeKit. 

To connect your Nest Hello to Apple HomeKit using the Homebridge Hub, follow the steps we’ve outlined for you below: 

  1. Use an ethernet cable. Take the ethernet cable to connect the HomeBridge Hub to your router or network switch.
  2. Plug into power. Use the hub’s power adaptor and plug it into a wall outlet.
  3. Go to the HomeBridge site. Go onto the website provided in the instruction manual of the HomeBridge. This is where you will set up the connection for your new setup to get it to work with HomeKit.
  4. Follow the steps outlined. This will allow you to sync your Apple HomeKit to the Nest account to your Nest Hello Doorbell is attached.
  5. Respond to the message prompt. You will get a message stating, “This Accessory is Not HomeKit Certified.” Select Add Anyway. This message appears because Google has not authorized a connection with HomeKit and does not pose any danger to your devices. 

Once you have completed the steps above, you can use your Apple Watch to connect to your Nest Hello and any other Nest product with your Apple devices. Although it is not a direct way, it still works great. 

The Nest Hello is a great device, and we’ve tested it out to let you know how it is.

Using Notifications and Siri With HomeBridge

Some users may be nervous about using this method because they are afraid they will use all of the amazing services and functions of the Nest Hello when it is set up with the HomeBrdige. This is not true. If you want to use Siri to control the Nest Hello and obtain notifications from events, then worry not; the HomeBridge Hub can still provide this compatibility. 

Users can still use Siri with this setup to ask to see a video feed, to turn on or off a feed, or to ask Siri to playback an event. The HomeKit will also work through the hub to push notifications to your iPad, iPhone, or iOS device to keep you in the loop. There is no loss of functionality, just more possibilities.

Bridging The Gap

The Nest Home is a great way to keep an eye on your home when you’re away. But what if you want to use it with Apple products? It’s not too difficult, but some steps must be taken before the connection can happen. 

The Nest Hello Video Doorbell can be used with the Apple Watch, but we’ve also provided you with a way to connect your Nest Hello with the Apple HomeKit using another device to bridge the gap between your Apple Watch and your Nest Hello. Your smart home dreams can become a reality with these tips!