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Can You Add Money to Cash App at Walmart? This Guide Makes It Easy

Last Updated Jan 4, 2023
Walmart website

Whether you want to add a cushion for some extra groceries or use paper money deposit locations regularly, transferring paper money to a mobile payment service like Cash App can make spending more convenient. Can you add money to Cash App at Walmart?

You can add money to Cash App at Walmart through Walmart’s Money Centers and customer service desks. You will have no problem adding paper money to your Cash App balance, as long as you can provide the barcode generated through the app.

Below, we’ll highlight how to add money to Cash App at Walmart easily. Keep reading to learn more!

Can You Add Money to Cash App at Walmart?

You can add money to a Cash App account to more easily transfer funds to others, or to spend your balance using your Cash App card.

You can add money to Cash App at Walmart at customer service desks and Money Centers. Most locations will charge a small fee, but adding to your Cash App balance with cash or a check is efficient and convenient.

Rather than swiping your Cash App card, however, you must scan a barcode generated by Cash App to complete the transaction. 

Below, we’ll discuss the steps involved in adding money to Cash App at Walmart.

How Can I Add Money to Cash App at Walmart?

Reloading your Cash App balance at Walmart is an easy way to make spending more convenient. 

If you want to add money to your Cash App account at Walmart, follow the steps below:

  • Find a participating Walmart location.
  • Locate your barcode in Cash App and present it to the Walmart customer service representative.
  • Scan the barcode and give the representative the cash or check you wish to transfer.
  • Check your Cash App balance to confirm the successful transaction.

The Walmart associate will be able to scan your Cash App barcode, receive the cash or check you wish to transfer, and make the deposit directly into your Cash App account.

How Can I Find a Participating Walmart Location?

Walmart is one of the many places Cash App users can visit to add to their balance. However, not all Walmart locations offer the service.

To find a participating deposit location, follow the steps below:

  • Open Cash App.
  • Select the “Banking” tab.
  • Find and select “Paper Money.”
  • Enter your location and find a participating Walmart nearby.

You can also use Walmart’s website or mobile app to find participating locations. 

If you are not near a Walmart store, consider the other available deposit locations listed on Cash App.

Does Walmart Charge a Fee to Add Money to Cash App?

Because Walmart’s service makes transferring money to your Cash App as simple as possible, most locations charge a fee for the transaction.

The table below highlights the fees you should expect to pay:

Payment TypeCashCheck ($1,000 or less)Check ($1,001 – $5,000)

The state of Vermont does not accept cash for Rapid Reload, and New York and New Jersey do not accept checks.

What is Walmart Rapid Reload?

Walmart’s Rapid Reload service allows customers to transfer paper money to their credit and debit cards – and in this case, to Cash App’s mobile payment service.

Rapid Reload allows you to scan your Cash App barcode, give the Walmart employee the cash or check you wish to deposit into your Cash App account, and receive the transfer on your Cash App.

Walmart’s Rapid Reload typically involves swiping your credit or debit card, but this is not the case for Cash App

Even with a Cash App card, you must only scan the barcode provided on the mobile application.

How Much Money Can You Deposit to Cash App at Walmart?

Walmart has ground rules to make the process convenient and beneficial. So, when you add money to Cash App at a participating store, there are limits.

Additionally, Cash App has its own set of rules.

Payment TypeOne-time minimumOne-time maximumMaximum per 7 daysMaximum per 30 days

Although Walmart allows larger transaction amounts, you must adhere to the regulations set by Cash App.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to add money to your Cash App balance at Walmart. All you need to do is find a participating location, then get your cash or check ready.

By scanning the barcode generated by Cash App, you can add between $5 and $500 to your Cash App account.