Can You Add Cameras to Eufy?

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The Eufy brand is quickly becoming synonymous with smart home security with easy-to-use equipment that doesn’t require monthly subscriptions. When you invest in a security device, there are limitations to how much area is covered, leading many homeowners to want to add more cameras. Is this possible with Eufy? Can you add cameras to Eufy?

With the Eufy home security system, you can add up to 16 additional cameras for additional security. The primary Eufy product comes equipped with two cameras, but that leaves room for consumers to purchase 14 more to add to their system.

To discover the right amount of cameras you should add will depend on your individual needs and the size of your home. Keep reading to learn more about what the Eufy system comes equipped with, whether or not you can add more cameras, and the pros and cons of the overall product.

What Is Included in the Eufy System?

The Eufy home security system, like other wireless, intelligent home security products, comes equipped with the standard features to allow you peace of mind in keeping your home secure. Purchasing the standard kit includes a five-piece system that will get anyone started with their home security needs.

The starter kit includes the home base, a keypad, two entry sensors, and a motion sensor. The sensors will alert you using your smartphone to any breach or movement in the areas you have mounted the sensors. Many people consider this enough security to protect themselves, while others desire more equipment.

The entry sensors are often put on doors and windows and send a push notification to your smartphone when one opens. Additionally, the motion sensor can be placed in a prominent position in your home and alert you of movement in that area.

Since this system does not come with cameras, at least not in the basic kit, many consumers often purchase additional equipment, including cameras, separately. The added equipment can provide an added layer of security for your home.

Can You Add Cameras to Eufy?

While the basic Eufy home security system can provide a good amount of protection for your home, many people wonder about adding cameras to create a more secure environment. Doing a bit of research will provide consumers with the information needed to decide whether or not to add cameras and if it can be done effectively.

While the Eufy system does not have professional monitoring that you may have with other companies, they do have top-of-the-line cameras and other security features that can be added to your system. With these additional features, you can set up a unique security system in and around your home.

The Eufy home security system allows you to add up to 16 additional cameras per home base. This means that with the primary system, you can purchase and mount that many cameras in and around your home for extra security.

Many experts also add that if you have a larger home, you can purchase different home bases and then add more cameras to secure all areas of your home. Remember that these added cameras are an additional cost, so only buy what you can afford.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Eufy Cameras?

While investing in a home security system can add more protection to you, your family, and your home, it is essential to understand the advantages and disadvantages of various designs. Many people find the Eufy system to be one of the best due to the different benefits. Read on to learn about the pros and cons of the product.


  • Simple and fast installation
  • Local storage
  • Military-grade encryption
  • Option to add more cameras
  • No monthly storage fees (unless you choose to do so)
  • Can sync to Alexa and Google Assistant


  • Professional monitoring is not available
  • Connection is limited to the reliability of your phone
  • Self-installation
  • Cameras have to be purchased separately

Are Eufy Cameras Worth It?

When it comes to the security of your home, any investment takes considerable time to make an informed decision about what you need. Considering all of the options available on the market today, individuals have quite a few to choose from.

Knowing whether a home security system is worth the purchase price and the time it takes to install and operate can be significant factors to consider. To make the best decision for you, you will need to decide whether the price is the essential issue or look for more security and peace of mind.

Deciding to purchase the Eufy system depends on personal preference depending on a few factors. If you are limited on funds but want a security system to protect your home and family, the Eufy system may be the best choice for you.

Additionally, many consumers who have purchased the Eufy home security system with additional cameras prefer to monitor their security themselves. This is primarily because of the hassle if the alarm goes off by accident.

Many people like that Eufy depends on the local storage instead of cloud-based storage since it cannot be hacked. This is not saying it is the most secure, but the information stays in your hands when the footage is stored on an SD card.

Final Thoughts

Overall, many people trying to decide whether or not to purchase the Eufy home security system want to know about adding more cameras for more security. Knowing that there is the capability to add more cameras for an additional cost can make the difference between choosing Eufy or another brand for their security needs.

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