Can Xfinity Mobile Be Used In Mexico?


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If you need a mobile telephone and want a widely available company in the United States, it’s harder to come by a more widespread company than Comcast Cable Communications. Comcast’s mobile wireless communications division is known as Xfinity. If you need worldwide communication with your cell phone and don’t ever want to drop a call, Xfinity is for you.

Xfinity Mobile can be used in Mexico and Canada for no extra fees. Xfinity Mobile allows their user’s device to work immediately in Mexico or Canada without needing to contact an Xfinity representative.

That is not all that makes Xfinity Mobile great, especially if you have family in Mexico or Canada and will be making frequent calls from the United States to Mexico or Canada. Xfinity also has many great features that come with a standard phone plan that many will find as the quality of life improvements no matter their current service.

Family Outside of the United States in Mexico and Canada

It is very convenient to travel from the United States to Mexico or Canada without interruption to your cell service and without having to contact a representative. Just driving over the border and having your phone work without any upkeep makes everything easier for all involved. But what about if you are visiting family that you often call from the US?

The “Mexico and Canada Call Pass” is an additional $10 per month for each line you add it on to your account. Then, all of your calls to North America are covered under that rate.

No more per-minute rate. You can call Mexico and Canada to your heart’s content. It will take the worry about having to watch the minutes when calling friends and family over the border; however, there are a few things to be aware of first:

  • The Mexico and Canada Call Pass doesn’t cover any calls you made retroactively. If you made the calls already at the per-minute rate and then tried to switch to the Call Pass, you will still be charged the per-minute rate.
  • The $10 charge is recurring. The charge is monthly and will continue to be charged to your account until you remove the Call Pass from your account.
  • Once the Call Pass is removed, you will switch back to a per-minute rate for calls to Mexico and Canada.

Lastly, if you have an Apple Watch on your account paired with a phone with a Call Pass, the Call Pass does not cover the Apple Watch. Any calls made to Mexico and Canada using your Apple watch will be charged at the normal per-minute rate.

Travel the Globe

Another great benefit of the Xfinity Mobile account is the ability to use the device abroad. With a pay-as-you-go rate model, Xfinity Mobile is usable in over 200+ countries. Xfinity also offers a Global Travel Pass, which is similar to the Mexico and Canada Call Pass in that it adds a flat daily rate for calls, texts, and data to any line on your account.

The Global Travel Pass allows for unlimited calls and texts in over 170+ countries for a single flat daily rate and also includes 512 MB of LTE data per pass / per day; then, data is available at 2G speeds until a new pass day begins.

Xfinity isn’t the only mobile carrier that offers competitive international calling rates– Spectrum Mobile has a fantastic international calling plan on their mobile phones.

Other Quality of Life Features of Xfinity Mobile

Aside from the normal unlimited talk and text many people have come to expect from their mobile carriers, Xfinity also boasts the nation’s best LTE networks and the most WiFi hotspots. What this means is that you will gain access to Xfinity WiFi Hotspots nationwide without having to log in right out of the box.

Another benefit of having access to such a large WiFi hotspot network, which piggybacks on Xfinity internet customers’ router-modem combos, is WiFi calling. Basically, every Xfinity customer becomes a WiFi node for any other Xfinity customer to connect to. With access to such a large WiFi network, even if cell service is down, you can make calls with internet access.

You are also able to create your own personal hotspot using your mobile device. All you have to do is enable the hotspot feature on your mobile phone or device. It will broadcast a WiFi signal you can connect using any other WiFi-enabled device, giving you access to the internet when you need it with whatever device you need it with.


Whether you are using Xfinity Mobile to travel to Mexico, Canada, travel overseas, or just as your daily driver cell service, Xfinity offers many competitive services and prices. It is especially useful for anyone wanting to travel or speak to family in North America.

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