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Can WYZE Outdoor Camera be Hardwired? (What About Wi-Fi?)

Last Updated Jun 20, 2021
Wyze outdoor camera mounted to a home

Whether you install the WYZE outdoor camera to keep track of package deliveries and visitors, or you want to feel safe while camping with your family, the possibilities are endless with this innovative device. But when it comes to the installation process, can you hardwire the device?  

The WYZE outdoor camera does not come with hardwiring support since it has full Wi-Fi capabilities. However, there are a few workarounds that can be used should you prefer to hardwire the device.

Outdoor cameras have quickly become a staple for our homes, businesses, public areas, and more. The comfort of knowing that your WYZE outdoor camera has an eye on your property or business makes this an ideal purchase for your lifestyle. Keep reading to find out how to connect your camera to the convenience of Wi-Fi, but also alternative hardwiring options for those times your connection is not that strong.

Can WYZE Outdoor Camera be Hardwired?

While most locations have access to reliable Wi-Fi connections, not everywhere has a strong connection. So, the ability to create a hardwired connection for your outdoor camera is a highly desirable option for many situations.

Some videos and tutorials can be found online that suggest workaround methods for hardwiring your WYZE camera. However, these methods are not supported by WYZE. If you decide to pursue one of these methods, you will void your warranty.

Visiting the official WYZE website will reinforce the fact that hardwiring is not currently available from WYZE. However, for those looking for this as a future feature, it is stated that they are considering PoE connectivity as an included option in the future. If you would like to explore the hardwiring workarounds found online, there are several videos and tutorials that help you complete this alternative connection:

  1. Make sure that all your wiring is connected to a powered switch. A basic PoE switch is readily obtainable at places like Amazon.
  2. The WYZE camera, currently not set up for ethernet connectivity, does not have an adaptor ready for an ethernet cable. However, purchasing a splitter that has an ethernet/Micro USB connector on the other end will help complete this connection.
  3. Finish the connection using the splitter you have chosen, and complete the installation using whichever mounting situation you have decided on.

If you would like to see a step-by-step video that shows you a sample connection using these steps, click here. This alternative setup should provide continuous power for your WYZE camera if you have a strong internet connection.  

Using Wi-Fi to Connect Your WYZE Outdoor Camera

WYZE outdoor camera setup currently supports a Wi-Fi connection that allows you to link your camera with your home network. Next, we will look at the setup procedures for your device to get your camera up and running.

  1. Before setting up your WYZE device, be sure to charge it for at least four hours. Then, when the charging indicator changes from flashing red to solid red, the charging is complete.
  2. Complete the entire setup procedure for the base station. Make sure that the base station is connected via the WYZE app to the same network. The complete setup procedure can be found here.
  3. After completing the Wi-Fi connection for the base station, you may unplug the station from the router. When the flashing blue light turns solid blue, your base station is now connected to the Wi-Fi, and you can continue set up by adding the outdoor camera to the network.
  4. You can pair up to four WYZE outdoor cameras to the same base station. If you have room on the currently connected base station, you will now add the camera to the app. Complete this step by opening the charging cover on the back of the device and switch to On.
  5. In the WYZE app, choose Begin Setup. Then, on the camera, press the SYNC button. The camera will now say, “Pairing is in progress. Please wait.”
  6. The pairing process will be complete when you see the flashing light change to a solid blue status light.
  7. The final step is naming your camera to help identify it in the app.

After this Wi-Fi pairing is set up with both the base station and the camera, you can now move on to the mounting and placement of your WYZE outdoor camera. If you have any questions or issues with the setup, WYZE has a comprehensive help section for you that will answer your troubleshooting questions here.


The WYZE outdoor camera is an excellent addition to your home security. With competitive pricing and features, setting up this outdoor camera through Wi-Fi or the optional workarounds for a hardwired solution will enable you to enjoy high-quality monitoring of your home or business properties.

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