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Can Westinghouse TV Use a Universal Remote?

Last Updated Feb 25, 2022

Westinghouse smart tvs offer a lot of features and people love them because of their more affordable price option. No one wants to worry about having a pile of separate remote controls for every electronic in their home entertainment center. Is there a device on the market that could sync with your Westinghouse TV and other electronics?

You can sync your TV and other devices to a universal remote so your remote can function as an “all-in-one” control. You simply have to program your universal remote to work with your Westinghouse TV and other devices

In this article, we’ll take a look at the benefits of having a universal remote. We’ll also discuss how to program your universal remote to work with your Westinghouse TV and other devices. Stay tuned as we walk through a few options for universal remotes and a general price range to consider. 

How Universal Remotes Work

Universal remotes function similar to your own standard remote. They can change the volume, change the channels and the more advanced models can do voice activated commands. These remotes mimic the same connection signals sent by standard remotes. 

The key difference between regular and universal remotes is, universal remotes have the capabilities to support the programming of multiple devices to one central device. Some even come with other buttons that allow for one-click access to things like Netflix, Hulu or voice command options like Alexa.

Make sure you know how many devices your remote can sync with. Consider whether you’d like your remote control to access your TV, soundbar, perhaps a gaming console and or lighting? Make sure to identify the maximum number of devices the remote can link to.

What Are the Different Universal Remotes?

Universal remotes have two distinct technology categories that they fall into:

  • Multibrand: These are usually pre-programmed with certain codes for standard electronics. They tend to max out at four devices that they can control and take care of just the main functions like changing the channels or adjusting the volume. They tend to be less expensive than learning remotes because of their limited technology.
  • Learning– The type of remote controls are more advanced. On top of coming pre-programmed with the codes for some standard electronics, if you hold these remotes up to your original remote, it can “learn” the original remote’s code via infrared signals. It can also “learn” new device commands.

If you would like to learn more about Westinghouse TVs, check out this article.

What Can Universal Remotes Control?

There are a number of devices these remotes can control. Here are just a few:

  • TVs
  • Soundbars
  • Streaming boxes: Apple TV, Roku, etc.
  • Gaming consoles: Play Stations, X-BOX, etc.
  • Blu-ray players
  • Cable/Satellite boxes
  • Computers
  • Lighting/climate controls

Now, let’s see if Universal remotes can work with Smart TVs.

What Universal Remotes Can Work with Smart TVs?

Universal remotes can work with smart TVs but that depends on their compatibility. The capabilities of your TV and the functionality of the remote will need to align to maximize its use. 

You’ll want to make sure your Westinghouse smart TV has the same type of connection your remote uses. Your remote will indicate whether it connects by infrared signal, Bluetooth or Wi-fi.

Infrared Remotes

These are more basic end models that only control your TV. They normally don’t have Bluetooth or Wi-fi capabilities. Regular, non-smart TVs benefit the most from these types of remotes. These can be less expensive than the Wi-fi or Bluetooth remotes. 

Cost range: $5-$25

Basic: Doro

Wi-fi/Bluetooth, Hub Support Remotes

These remotes have the capability to connect to multiple systems like your TV, gaming consoles, lighting, climate controls, streaming services and voice-activated commands like Alexa. Since most of these features connect through Wi-fi or Bluetooth, this remote works well to create a central hub system all on one device. 

Cost range: $50 – $400

Basic: Phillips

Mid Range: Logitech

Advanced: Fire TV Cube

How to Program a Universal Remote to Your TV

Follow these instructions to program your universal remote to connect with your Westinghouse smart TV:

  1. If you do a quick search for “programming your universal remote,” you’ll see a few links to pages where they post the “Direct Code Entry” for your remote control.
  2. To pair your devices together, make sure both your TV and your universal remote are handy and facing each other. The remote control code is usually only 4 digits. 
  3. Hold down the “device” or “TV” button on your remote. You should see an option to “setup.”
  4. After the buttons start to light, this is where you’ll enter the four-digit code you found in step one. You’ll enter that code on the number pad of your remote w
  5. You’ll know you’ve done it successfully when the power button lights up. This means that the programming went through successfully.

If you have tried this option and still not getting results, you may have entered the wrong 

Make sure to revisit that page where you got the code from and try another one. 


We’ve discussed what universal remotes are, what they can control and some of their capabilities. These remote controls help to centralize your home entertainment system into one device for convenience. 

They can work with smart TVs and can be programmed to work with your Westinghouse smart TV. If you lose or break your remote, or you just want to upgrade your entertainment system, you’ll now have the knowledge to make a decision that suits your entertainment needs.

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