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Can Westinghouse TV Be Used as A Computer Monitor?

Last Updated Mar 6, 2022
tv computer monitor

Westinghouse branded televisions are known to have some of the best picture quality available at the price points they are offered at. They are typically used as homeowners’ main entertainment centers due to their ability to connect to various media sources and streaming services.

A little-known fact about Westinghouse televisions is that they can make excellent computer monitors, provided that the correct connections are all there. For the screen to be used as a monitor, it must have either a VGA input or an HDMI/VGI input. These are the most common cables that computers use for their monitors.

In the market for a new computer monitor and interested in one that’s also a TV? Or just hoping to use your existing Westinghouse TV as a multipurpose device? Continue below to learn more and to see if your device is able to work with your computer, too!

What Are the Inputs and Outputs I Need to Make It All Work?

Every computer you can purchase today has a VGA output for use with a monitor. This is the one with the screw on each end that people typically have issues with the first time they are trying to plug it in. No, it is not just you that struggles when connecting it. This cable is still the standard, but in recent years, computer makers have been moving away from VGA to something a little easier.

This, of course, is the HDMI cable. HDMI is identical on either end and works much like your phone cable. You can just plug it in, and it is ready to go. If you have the option, this is much easier to use and will give you better picture quality and data transfer rates.

How Do I Hook Up a Westinghouse TV Using a VGA?

Using a VGA to connection your Westinghouse TV is a very straightforward process, but if the very first step is missed, you probably will not get any images. You’ll essentially need to shut down your computer, then proceed with the connection. The complete steps are outlined below.

  1. Shut down your computer all the way- letting it go into sleep mode is not enough.
  2. Next, plug in one end of your VGA to your computer carefully and tighten the screws down on each side to ensure a strong connection.
  3. Repeat the exact same steps to connect the other side of the cable to the television.
  4. Turn your computer back on and wait for it to start up completely.
  5. In the settings, find the input menu and select where it either says VGA or PC/Computer input

This should get you up and running on a monitor that is more than likely much larger than the screen you previously used.

How Do I Hook Up a Westinghouse TV Using an HDMI?

If you can imagine, the process of using an HDMI cable is even easier than the VGA. All you need is an HDMI cable, and a few minutes to completely shut down your computer before connecting. Again, we’ll outline all of the steps for you here.

  1. Again, shut down your computer all the way.
  2. Now plug each end of the HDMI cable into the TV and then the computer itself.
  3. Turn your computer back on and wait for it to start up.
  4. This time in the settings, find the input where it says HDMI. There may be more than one, so you will need to see which number HDMI you are plugged into to ensure you have the right one.

Do I Need to Do Anything to Get My PC Ready?

If you have a newer computer, you are probably all set at this point. But if yours is a few years old now, continue reading.

The graphics cards in PCs need to be able to support the much higher resolution of the TV, which is at least 720p. Most Westinghouse TVs will be 720p, 1080p, or even 4k. These numbers become important when you are looking at your graphics card settings.

If using Windows 10+,

  1. Go to into the settings menu.
  2. Then into the system menu.
  3. Find the advanced display settings.
  4. Finally, go to display adapter properties for Display 1.
  5. A window will pop up, and you need to click ‘List All Modes’
  6. Choose the resolution that best matches what your Westinghouse TV supports.

Anything Else I Need to Consider Using My Westinghouse as a Monitor?

The biggest considerations for additional supplies will depend on what you plan on doing with your Westinghouse TV, now used as a monitor. If you plan on gaming on your new, huge monitor, you have to make sure the refresh rate on the TV is as high as possible. Computers are capable of running much higher frame rates and need monitors that can keep up. Computer monitors are typically better equipped for this task.

Similarly, in the same context, response times tend to be much lower on dedicated computer monitors. Much less than a standard TV. They generally do this by lowering the brighter colors and rich contrast. Long story short, it may not be the best option if you game a lot, but if you only plan on getting on the internet on a huge screen, it should be more than enough.

Wrapping Up

Westinghouse televisions can make for excellent computer monitors if you are willing to accept some of their shortcomings when compared to dedicated computer screens. Once you are connected using the available options, it is ultimately up to you to decide if it will work well enough for you!

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