Can Toshiba TV Be Used As A Computer Monitor


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Having a big screen, or even a little screen, Toshiba TV means hours of entertainment with great resolution at a convenient price point. You may already know that you can do quite a lot with a Toshiba TV, but you may be wondering, can a Toshiba TV be used as a computer monitor?

A Toshiba TV can be used as a computer monitor! All you need is an HDMI or DP cable to connect the two devices, or if your computer has the capability of screen mirroring, you can be watching and using your computer on your television screen in minutes. 

Want to learn how to connect your computer to your Toshiba TV so you can use the screen as your monitor? We have everything you need to know! Including which cables you will need to find or purchase and, of course, how to connect them.

How to Use a Toshiba TV as a Computer Monitor

Knowing that your Toshiba TV can certainly work as a computer monitor is one thing; however, learning how to connect the two is even more important! You’ll also want to consider how much the Toshiba TV weighs and where you are placing it if you’re using it as a computer monitor.

Depending on your computer make and model, there are three different options for connecting it to your Toshiba television: with an HDMI cable, a DP cable, or through screen mirroring. 

Now, let’s step through each of these variations to choose the easiest and right one for you! 

Connecting Computer to Toshiba TV with an HDMI Cable

One of the easiest ways to use your Toshiba TV as a computer monitor is to simply connect them both with an HDMI cable. 

Most of us have an HDMI cord lying around somewhere, but they are cheap and easy to find on Amazon if you don’t. Once you have one ready, you will need to attach it to your laptop or computer and to the back of your Toshiba television. 

From there, you can access your television’s input menu from your remote or settings menu. Then, simply the HDMI option, but be careful to click the correct HDMI number as many Toshiba televisions have several HDMI ports, and you will not see your computer screen displayed if you select the wrong one! 

You may already be enjoying your Toshiba TV as a computer monitor, but if you don’t happen to have an HDMI cord or maybe your laptop doesn’t have an HDMI port, don’t worry, there are two more options to try. 

NOTE: If your laptop does not have an HDMI port, there is an option to purchase an adapter that will fit your USB port. 

Connecting Computer to Toshiba TV with a DP Cable

A DP cable, otherwise known as a DisplayPort, is just another HDMI cable variation. 

Once again, you may have one lying around in a junk drawer. If you’re not quite sure what it looks like or want to get one delivered to your door, you can check them out on Amazon.

Now, if you do have a DP cable, you will again need to make sure that your computer or laptop has the necessary port to connect it to your Toshiba TV. 

If it does and you have successfully connected the two, turn the input of your TV on the settings menu or remote control to DP or DisplayPort to start using your television as a computer monitor. 

There is a chance that your laptop has neither of these ports. However, it is unlikely, or you may not have either cable and can’t wait to start using your Toshiba TV as a computer monitor for another second! Luckily, there is a third option. 

Connecting Computer to Toshiba TV through Screen Mirroring

There is one way to use your Toshiba TV as a computer monitor without any cables at all: screen mirroring. 

In order to do so, just follow these simple steps:

  • Navigate to the SOURCE MENU.
  • Select the WIRELESS DISPLAY option. 
  • On your computer, select SCREEN MIRRORING or ADD DEVICES (every computer will have a different location for this menu.)
  • Your television name should appear on your computer screen; click it to connect and start mirroring. 

Of course, every computer is slightly different; if you are having trouble finding your screen mirroring options, you may need to do a little research on your make and model to find out where the option is located. 

Remember, screen mirroring will only work if both devices, your computer, and your television, are connected to the same home wireless network. 

Final Thoughts

So can a Toshiba TV be used as a computer monitor? Yes! And in more ways than one! 

Now you know that you can very easily connect the two devices via an HDMI or DP cable or through screen mirroring; depending on your specific situation, one may be slightly easier than the other, but they are all great options! 

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