Can the Wyze Camera Be Hacked?

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Let’s be honest: considering how inexpensive the Wyze camera is, you can’t help but question the device’s security and whether it can be hacked. We’ve all heard plenty of horror stories about users being watched through their smart cameras, but should we be afraid of having the same experience with Wyze?

Like any other device connected to the internet, Wyze cameras can be hacked. Typically, this is done by someone gaining access to your Wi-Fi network and the devices using that network.

Although the Wyze camera is likely to be hacked, this really isn’t the manufacturer’s fault; it goes much deeper than the people who created the product. It’s more about the vulnerabilities of the web. However, fortunately, there are some ways you can keep your network and Wyze camera protected from hackers and prying eyes.

Can the Wyze Camera Be Hacked?

The Wyze camera is considered the most inexpensive smart security camera on the market; its standard model is available for as low as nearly $25. However, don’t let the price fool you into thinking that this camera doesn’t have outstanding security features you would find in competitor devices from brands like Blink or Ring.  

In fact, the Wyze camera is small, discreet, and can be attached anywhere throughout your home, including the ceiling. It notifies you when there is activity within its viewing window and can save up to 14 days’ worth of recorded footage as well. This is not to mention that the device also has smart features and is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant ecosystems.  

But even with the Wyze camera’s plethora of features and low price, can the device be hacked any more easily than other cameras? Unfortunately, they can. However, this isn’t just an issue with Wyze cameras; this is a common problem among many smart home devices, regardless if they have added security measures or not.

Ultimately, the chances of your device getting hacked will depend on how secure your Wi-Fi connection is.

Signs That Your Wyze Camera Has Been Hacked

Several signs will let you know that your Wyze Camera has been compromised:

  • There are changes to your network settings that you did not make.
  • You notice weird or unusual noises coming from the camera.
  • In the case of the Wyze Cam Pan, the device may begin to rotate on its own or in a pattern you did not program through the app.

What to Do If Your Wyze Camera Gets Hacked

If you realize your camera has been hacked, you should take the following steps to maintain your device’s security:

  • Immediately change the password to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Contact your internet provider and notify them of the issue.
  • Change the password to your Wyze camera app.

Is There a Way to Prevent Hacking?

While there aren’t a ton of ways to prevent hackers from targeting your Wi-Fi network and your cameras, there are a few things you can do to reduce the chances of this happening:

  • Change your Wi-Fi password regularly, about every month or so.
    • Create a new password unique to you that does not contain personal information that would be easy for others to guess.
    • Avoid giving out your password to others. If you have guests over often, create a guest network specifically for their use that is not shared with your security devices.
  • Update your camera’s firmware as it becomes available.
  • Ensure your network is secured with WPA2 (contact your IP if you’re unsure about this).
  • Enable encryption through the Wyze app.
  • Keep your cameras on a separate network not shared with other devices in the home.
    • Use a VPN to help you limit the devices that access the network.

Does a Secure Wi-Fi Connection Protect from Hacking?

Although a secure network makes it a lot harder to hack, it is still vulnerable. Because of this, make sure you continue to change your password regularly to decrease the chances of hacking.


As you can see, the Wyze Camera, although it is an excellent device for its price, can be susceptible to hacking when connected to the internet—just like all other digital devices. However, there are a few ways to prevent this, all of which are generally good practices for protecting all your smart home devices.

This includes changing your Wi-Fi password occasionally, updating your camera’s firmware, opting to keep the data from your device encrypted, and having it on a separate network from other devices or users.

If you want to eliminate the chances of your Wyze Camera getting hacked completely, you may be wondering if it’s possible to use the device without the internet at all. To find out the answer, check out this article!

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