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Can the Ring Spotlight Cam Get Wet? (Is it Waterproof?)

Last Updated Jun 23, 2022
Ring spotlight cam light with the light on and wired to a power source.
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Ring security devices, including the Ring Spotlight Cam, are industry leaders in smart home security. Working seamlessly with other Ring products in the home and integrating with smart devices that provide interactive features makes sense to include one of these cameras in your home. Outdoor cameras need to withstand all manner of weather, including heavy downpours. With that said, you may be wondering if your Ring Spotlight Cam can get wet?

The Ring Spotlight Cam is considered weather-resistant and not waterproof. With an IP55 water-resistant rating, the device can withstand rain quite well. The outside is well-protected; however, the camera itself cannot get wet or submerged in any way.

Finding information about the Ring Spotlight Cam’s ability to withstand the elements is not easy. Searching their support website and product information pages does not provide you with any information regarding the camera’s specifications; a direct call to Ring provided verbal confirmation of the IP55 water-resistant rating information. Keep reading to find out what this means for you if you choose to place this camera outside your home.

Is the Ring Spotlight Cam Waterproof?

If you are looking at the Ring website to locate in-depth information on the Spotlight Cam’s weather resistance, you will come away disappointed. Thorough research shows that the only mention of this feature is a brief mention in the table for Operating Conditions here, and only temperature variations are mentioned. This can be frustrating when trying to determine if this device will work for you.

However, after a direct call to Ring, we found that the Spotlight cam has an IP55 water-resistant rating, which does not quite mean it’s waterproof.

Water-Resistant vs. Waterproof

The term water-resistant refers to an IP rating, or ingress protection. The numbers that come after “IP” determine the device’s capability to withstand things such as dust and, in this case, water. With an IP55 rating for weather resistance, viewing this chart will show you the many rating variations and inform you of what to expect with the Ring Spotlight Cam:

  • An ingress protection rating of IP55 protects against limited dust ingress into your device. Also, the camera will be protected from low-pressure water jets from any direction.
  • Several products online provide added protection against rain damage that could occur if water were to get inside the camera. It is important to note that the Ring limited warranty that comes with your device does not include or exclude the words water damage, but there is an exclusion for floods. It might be worth the time to contact Ring and ask them specifically about this possibility, as their website and support sites are extremely vague about this terminology.
  • Currently, Ring does not offer a product that provides a waterproof environment. A waterproof device would protect your device from complete submersion, and a water event such as this would not be covered.

How to Protect the Ring Spotlight Cam from Water

Knowing now that the Ring Spotlight Cam is not waterproof, you might be wondering about the best placement options for your device. A thorough search of customer reviews reveals several complaints about water damage to the device, along with a loss of functionality. You can read the reviews here to find out more. There are some possible solutions for keeping your Ring Spotlight Cam protected from the elements:

  • Mounting your camera underneath an eave or soffit will provide substantial protection from more robust rain events.
  • Purchasing a ceiling mount for the camera can allow you to install the camera high enough to provide a wide viewing area yet mount it back from direct overhead rain events.
  • There are various covers available to add to your camera that will give some protection to the top of the device, allowing water to run off, leading to fewer chances of water getting inside.

Alternative Waterproof Cameras to Consider

Suppose you are looking for an alternative to the Ring Spotlight Cam due to its water-resistant rating. In that case, there are other security cameras available that are superior in their waterproof abilities. Here are a few examples to choose from:

Camera BrandIP Rating
mibao 1080p Wi-Fi Outdoor CameraIP66
Wansview 1080p Wi-Fi Outdoor CameraIP66
DCT 1080p Wi-Fi Outdoor CameraIP65

These waterproof alternatives to the Ring Spotlight Cam have good ratings and specs that will provide you with other options if you choose. Also, you should consider that all these options, except for the DCT camera, have compatibility with Alexa. The DCT camera does have its own app for remote control and viewing.


The Ring Spotlight Cam can be a great option for your outdoor home security with its weather-resistant housing. However, if you seek full waterproof ability, there are quality alternatives to explore and consider for your home security needs.

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