Can Ring Floodlight Cam Bulbs be Replaced?

Bright lights shining down in black and white.Bright lights shining down in black and white.

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Compared to most smart home security device set-up, one would expect the ring floodlight cam bulbs to be replaceable once they go bad or blow out, but this option varies across a wide range of smart home security device brands. While some rely on batteries, some don’t. While some offer the light-heads to be replaced as a workaround to non-replaceable bulbs, some don’t. 

The Ring floodlights cam bulbs can’t be replaced. It’s the way the device is built to reinvent outdoor security. However, not being able to replace the bulbs of this device should not be considered a flaw as the Ring LEDs can be managed in a way to keep them running for their full lifespan. 

Given how long LEDs may last, the replacement of the bulbs is not a cause for concern, especially given the use case of just turning on the lights when motion is detected. More so, If you leave them on all the time, their lifespan will be cut short, but not significantly.

Are the Bulbs of the Ring Floodlight Cam Replaceable?

The LED bulbs cannot be replaced. If they blow out, the entire unit has to be replaced, and Ring offers a reliable warranty that indicates that they are open to replacing the unit if this happens.  

Technically, it’s not impossible to replace the bulbs. You can alter the setup of the device and make certain changes that would enable you to replace the bulbs. Nonetheless, doing this is not advisable as it would void your Ring warranty. So, if the warranty is still current, it’s best to make a claim. If it isn’t, you can make it yourself if you are well-versed in this aspect. 

How Long Does Ring Floodlight Cam Bulbs Last?

The LED bulbs will likely last longer than you will have the floodlight cam, but even with this, Ring’s customer service is quite excellent. They are known to have always shipped new units for free whenever their products fail prematurely after purchase Anyway the LED bulbs are likely going to last much longer than the cam, it can even be considered a non-issue. 

It’s just the way the LED bulbs are designed to be. Plus, because LED bulbs do not have a filament to break, they can withstand much more shock, vibration, and impact without experiencing any adverse effects.

If there are any complications, even if you are out of warranty, there are various solutions to these type of issue, as well as advice on how to keep your Ring LEDs going for as long as possible. 

With regular use under normal conditions, it could last over 10 years. The LED bulbs are very efficient devices that are far from being fragile.

Can You Improve the Lifespan of Your Ring Floodlight Cam Bulbs?

Yes, of course! Every piece of technology comes with best practices to ensure that it lasts its whole life cycle, and even more!. Ring Floodlight Cam Bulbs is no exception. Here are a few pointers to help you keep these lights on for years to come.

  • Moisture affects the device to an extent so it’s best to keep them dry. The relative humidity of the atmosphere surrounding the device goes a long way in improving the lifespan of the device. Water is still the enemy, even though technology has come a long way since gas-powered illumination. While the Floodlight Cam is weatherproof and the bulbs have a tiny hood-like covering on them, if your Ring floodlight is exposed to too much water or water gets into the housing, your bulbs would most likely get burnt.
  • The positioning of the device also plays a significant role in improving the lifespan of the bulbs as well as the device itself. When the device is positioned in a way that it avoids direct hits from natural elements; wind, rain or even being placed under a water run-off spot will exert a negative impact on the durability of the bulbs.
  • Temperature is another factor that has to be considered in this instance, and this works correspondingly with the positioning of the device. Depending on the climate of where you live, certain required changes can be made.
  • Once it is set up in such a way that movement events are constantly recognized, which causes LED bulbs to come on as well – it reduces the bulbs’ lifespan inevitably. Fortunately, you can modify this via the Ring App — either by lowering motion sensitivity or by simply adjusting the daylight time. Furthermore, if motion is detected, you can just switch it on/off manually using the app when necessary.

In Conclusion

The only way to replace the LED bulbs on these cams is to break them open and do some random electrical wiring as the case may be, and this which voids your warranty if still current. Outside of that, the Ring Floodlight Cam bulbs are installed in a single, weatherproofed unit device that can neither be repaired nor replaced. 

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