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Can the Ring Doorbell See in the Dark? (Nightvision or not?)

Jul 26, 2019
Street view in the middle of a city

Ring is a home security company which is now owned by Amazon but actually used to be named, ‘Doorbot.’ The company has changed the game of home security, but it’s come at a price. Being that it’s not a cheap investment, does it at least have night vision?

Can Ring see in the dark? The Ring’s product description will lead you to believe, yes it can. But debatable due to the countless reviews from frustrated owners regarding the night quality on early versions of Ring. The company has since heard their consumers and developed new night extension pieces, upgraded versions of Ring, and ways to improve the computer’s vision in the dark.

If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what Ring is – it’s the little rectangular box next to people’s front door that looks discreet and has a doorbell on it on. It also has a tiny camera so the homeowner can see anyone approaching their home, even before the doorbell is rung. If you own one or are considering owning one, this guide will give insight on the Ring’s functions, thoughts from owners, and night vision alternatives.

Can Ring See in the Dark?

Some reviews say the night vision is great on the first model of the Ring but others say the quality is lacking. It’s obviously something Amazon has taken under consideration as they’ve developed new models of Ring that are undeniably improved. Some of these improvements (that will cost you double) Include:

  • Improved resolution and quality of picture, which in turn leads to –
  • Better night vision quality
  • Interchangeable faceplates
  • Quick Release Rechargeable Battery Pack

There’s a smaller option by Amazon that has knock detection and the Video Doorbell Prof for $249.00 will include advanced motion detection.

Besides that, the Ring one versus Ring 2 both are very similar despite being double the price. They each take an average of 5 minutes to install, connect to 2.4 GHz of WIFI, take power from battery or hardwiring, and look very similar aesthetically.

Some reviewers say regardless of the upgrades, the product is very similar and it will depend on your needed level of security.

As far as seeing in the dark more easily, there are things you can do.

Ways to Improve Night Vision:

You’re not limited to the early models as we live in a world of capitalism that has many negatives but also this worthy positive – companies have to make better products for us and compete to knock out the hundreds of other people making the same thing. This leads to better quality goods compared to if only one company ruled everything, monopoly-style, and we just had to take what we were given.

The point is – you have options. You can take any of the following steps if you are worried about security or just want to feel safer at home. This could also apply to companies that want to up their security game and need it for larger more corporate means outside of residential purpose.

You can improve your Night-Vision set-up on Ring by:

  • Purchasing a larger Ring model that will hang up in corners of rooms. Just like the ones at the police station or in the corners of offices that make you a little nervous. If you want one of those in front of your door, they’re easy to find. Here’s one you can purchase on Amazon – You can also do this in installments, 5 payments of about $40.
  • Increase the number of cameras for better surveillance and coverage. Place around the perimeters of your property in areas that become particularly vulnerable in darkness. Perhaps the driveway, yards, carports, etc.
  • Use the Ring in conjunction with Stick up Cam or more 360 surveillance of your property.
  • Get the newer models which enables you to hear, see and speak to visitors. You can even do this from your tablet or smartphone using the many Apps Amazon has created for this series of products. Bonus perk – you can talk to the delivery courier’s and tell them an ideal spot to place your package!
  • Use the App to get the most out of your Ring. The App will give you alerts if someone knocks on your door, rings the doorbell or triggers motion detectors on some of the more expensive and later models. It will also work with Alexa to let you know on select Echo devices if someone is at the door.
  • Just purchase one with lights on it – Night vision problem solved. The Ring Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam Two-Way Talk and Siren Alarm

If the Ring isn’t working for you, there are certainly other night vision camera’s you can purchase. They may not be as high-tech as these Amazon’s advancements, especially with the convenience of an app which you can use from anywhere.

But if night vision is the most important, this may not be the best camera for you.

Thoughts from Purchasers of Ring:

Some reviews if you want to hear it from those who know best! Straight from Amazon and keyword searched for Night Vision:

  • “The $3 per month fee is well worth the price. Video quality is great during the day or night (see photos), and we can view from our phones or on our TV with our Fire TV stick. It also sounds a chime on our Echo Dot when anyone rings the doorbell or knocks on our door.”
  • “The device works fine and the image is very clear during the day. It’s night time now and I just checked it. Wow. Looks like daytime out there. I’m very impressed with this device so far.”
  • “The real failure of this device is its “motion detection”. To illustrate, I’ve attached photos and video. It goes off about every 5 minutes (leaving battery life that lasts 3 days), even for things across the street, even though it’s supposed to have a 5’ range (also attached). The kicker is that it Doesn’t actually catch people coming up to the door. It only shows me coming in our out about 1 in 10 times. I even thought about making a video to show this, but it’s not worth my time for this Piece of junk”
  • “The other issue plaguing this unit is resolution and image quality at night. If you want any 8mage quality whatsoever, make sure you have plenty of light. At night the images are bad, really bad. It does provide a sense of awareness which is great, but don’t expect to recognize anything in night shots unless you have a great deal of light.”

I’ve chosen ones that discuss the night vision, but the product does have nearly five stars out of eight thousand reviews. So it’s certainly a beloved product that is great for security, just mixed reviews on the night vision quality.

Filter these thoughts through your personal situation and needs to know if it’s the right fit for you.

New Lineup from Ring:      

There’s hope yet! Amazon seems to be listening to their customers and trying to improve their product. Not to mention their wonderful return policy and no questions asked. The new technology in the Ring family will be the Smart Lighting System.

I believe this is Amazon’s way of acknowledging the night quality is not there on their early models of Ring. But instead of fixing/changing the product in costly reboots, they’re simply developing lights to place around your house to make Ring work better.

They have models starting at around $50 and seems to trigger many lights around your property and light it up light a Christmas tree when motion is detected. There are reviewers that say it will go off at random times when an animal runs by and is just at the intuitive level is needs to be.

If you want to invest in lights to enhance your situation with the ring – this could be a solution

Final Thoughts:

Ring is a very highly rated product with thousands of raving fans. Don’t discredit it just because it’s night vision isn’t top-notch. If you’re looking for simple security around your house, this is probably a perfect product.

Amazon is also creating more ways to protect your home like the Ring alarm and devices which all work together for a truly protected smart home. They also plan to add solar panels to their products in the future as well.

However, if night vision is your full intention for the purchase, you may want to consider brands like Barska, Sightmark’s Ghost Hunter Night Vision, Lorex (the Lorex 4K IP Bullet Camera being top-rated), the Reolink Argus 2, or the Nest Cam IQ indoor.

These are all options that are more adapted for night vision and may suit your needs.

Do your research, purchase wisely, and happy shopping!

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