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Can The Kindle Oasis Be Used Left Handed?

Last Updated May 21, 2022

Many items on the market today are created for right-handed people. Computer mice, scissors, measuring cups, tapes, rulers, the list is endless. Left-handed people are unique and need to use these items too, but they have a hard time because of the orientation. This makes them wonder, can the Kindle Oasis be used left-handed?

The Kindle Oasis can be used left-handed. This is because when the user flips the screen one way or the other, the Kindle Oasis automatically reorients itself to face the proper way, meaning that left-handed and right-handed people can use the device without much effort.

While this is a great convenience for left-handed people in general, other options can be selected when adjusting a Kindle Oasis screen. Landscape orientation and brightness can also be adjusted to suit your needs. Keep reading to find out how to adjust these screen settings and troubleshoot common screen problems with the Kindle Oasis.

Read in Landscape Mode

If you do not like reading horizontally like a typical novel, the Kindle Oasis allows you to change the screen orientation to read in landscape mode. This is also a great feature if a book you download recommends being read like this, or also for picture books. In order to get the Kindle to go into landscape mode, follow these steps:

  1. Open the book up that you want to read in landscape mode
  2. Select “Layout”
  3. Find the heading called “Orientation” and select the “Landscape” option
  4. Tap anywhere outside that menu, and the screen should adjust
  5. Enjoy the book and follow these instructions again if you need to swap back

This feature is really convenient for anyone who needs to read in landscape mode. It allows you to read books that would not appear correctly on other e-readers without this option.

Adjust Lighting Too

While it’s awesome that you can adjust the Kindle Oasis’ orientation to fit a left-handed person’s needs or the needs of a new book, it also allows you to adjust the screen’s brightness. This is great for reading in dark places. It is also good to adjust the light settings to reduce light strain. However, you can’t turn off the backlight. To adjust the lighting, follow these steps:

  1. Start the Kindle Oasis.
  2. Click on the settings button or the home menu.
  3. Swipe down to access the quick access bar (if reading a book, tap the gear icon).
  4. Tap the + button until you reach the desired brightness. This increases the brightness.
  5. You can dim the light by tapping the – button until you reach the desired level. This button decreases the brightness and adds less light.
  6. Press and hold the + button to turn the light on and to the highest setting
  7. Hold down the – button to turn off the light.
  8. Adjust the settings until you are comfortable and enjoy the book. 

All of these adjustments can help you personalize your Kindle Oasis reading experience. This is a great perk that not many e-readers have. It is also convenient because users do not need to rely on natural light to read on long trips or sleep at night.

Screen Woes

Unfortunately, even the Kindle Oasis can malfunction sometimes, and when it does, it can make your life feel light a nightmare. Occasionally the screen will not turn, it will freeze, or the backlight will stop functioning. There is no need to panic. Here is a list of some easy fixes you can try:

  1. Power it up. Charging the Kindle Oasis is very important. Sometimes electronics that are not fully charged will stop functioning properly. Typically a good charge will fix the problem.
  2. Reset it and forget it. Sometimes the Kindle just loses its mind for a moment. This means that the entire thing needs to be powered off for a bit. Turn the power off and leave it alone for 10 minutes. Then come back and turn it on. It should work again.
  3. Software Update Required. When the software is updated, it typically renders the old version close to useless. When this happens, things start to malfunction. Make sure to connect the Kindle Oasis to the internet every now and again to ensure it can update to the newest version of firmware released by Amazon.
  4. Check the Settings. If you think the orientation is stuck a certain way for all of eternity, it could be because the settings were changed. Be sure to go into layout, then orientation, to see what has been selected. This can make all the difference. 
  5. Time to Level Up. You may have an outdated e-reader. The Kindle Oasis 2 is the newest version with the most recent updates. If you have an original version, it may just be time to replace it. Technology changes rapidly, and keeping your tech up to date is important for the best functionality.

If all else fails, you can always contact an Amazon customer service representative to help you troubleshoot your Kindle Oasis issues. They have techs available 24/7 to help you use the Kindle with the best possible user experience in mind.

All is Right for Left-Handed Individuals

Luckily, the Kindle Oasis is an e-reader that has thought of almost everything regarding its tech. This means that left-handed people can use the same page turn buttons as right-handed ones. Technology advances every day, so enjoy the Kindle Oasis and read up on the new tech.

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