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Can the iPhone Check Your Blood Pressure? A Complete Guide

Last Updated Dec 5, 2022
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There’s an app for everything these days, but is there an iPhone app for checking blood pressure?

While an iPhone can help monitor a person’s blood pressure, they cannot check it on their own. Some apps claim to be able to but are typically inaccurate.

Just because an iPhone can’t check blood pressure directly, doesn’t mean it can’t be part of the health toolkit. Keep reading to learn more.

Can an iPhone Check Blood Pressure?

Tech-savvy, health-conscious folks out there are all about using modern technology to help with their health goals.

In a world full of apps, it would make sense that there would be one to help with such a normal health need as to check blood pressure.

It would even seem so, as there are numerous apps in the App Store that claim to be able to read blood pressure just by pressing one’s finger to the camera or screen.

These apps can be harmful for people who need detailed or accurate measurements, and that’s not happening by just pressing a finger against an iPhone camera.

Without a proper blood pressure monitor or cuff, it is impossible to get a truly accurate blood pressure reading. An iPhone can help monitor blood pressure but cannot accurately check it.

This doesn’t mean that an iPhone is useless for helping manage blood pressure.

It can be an invaluable tool to help manage one’s health, but it just needs some extra help doing it.

How to Monitor Blood Pressure with an iPhone

Even though an iPhone cannot actually check blood pressure itself, numerous apps can help make sense of the readings.

Using a monitors and/or cuff with Bluetooth capability is necessary to obtain blood pressure readings and automatically fill in these readings to an app.

Depending on the device chosen, it might even have its own app to go with it.

If this is the case, ensure that the device is compatible with an iPhone, as many are geared towards Android instead.

However, it might not even need to go that far.

iPhones come preinstalled with a Health App, which can be used effectively to monitor blood pressure readings.

This is likely going to involve manually adding in these readings, but some devices can connect to the app directly and fill in the readings automatically.

There is no shame in trying out various monitors, cuffs, and apps to find out what is most comfortable and easy to use.

Can an Apple Watch be Used as a Blood Pressure Cuff for an iPhone?

Apple Watches are wildly popular in the fitness sphere due to being able to act as an iPhone and help measure some of the wearer’s vitals.

They aren’t necessarily the most accurate at measuring blood pressure, but they work in a pinch or for someone just trying to get generalized readings.

If a doctor has recommended frequent readings for health reasons, it’s still better to use a proper monitor or cuff instead.

How to Pick a Good Blood Pressure App for an iPhone

Unfortunately, not all health apps are created equal, or with the intent to truly help those who download it.

Therefore, it is important to know how to find an app that will actually help with one’s health goals instead of being a waste of time and/or money.

Here are some tips for picking out a good blood pressure app on an iPhone:

  • Avoid anything that claims it can read blood pressure with just a finger
  • Blood pressure tracking is included and compatible with the owner’s monitor and/or cuff
  • Ability to export informationso that the user can send this information to their doctor
  • Medication-adherencetools, reminders, and support for those who need to take prescriptions regularly
  • Look for additional features that will be helpful for your personal needs

Even just using the built-in Health app can be useful, but sometimes someone needs a little more help than that.

In these instances, it’s worth branching out and trying to find something that will end up being more helpful.

No two people are identical after all, and neither are their health needs.


There is an app for everything these days, though some are more reliable than others.

When it comes to monitoring health, blood pressure is a big one. It’s considered a silent killer, as it often goes unnoticed until it’s too late.

That means that doctors will recommend those with health issues or those at risk to monitor their health frequently at home between their visits.

Additionally, some health-conscious people, such as athletes, like to keep an eye on their vitals for their own peace of mind.

In all of these cases, it’s beneficial to have these numbers somewhere accessible and presented in a way that makes sense to the user.

While an iPhone can’t directly measure blood pressure, it can help monitor it, which is the next best thing.